2019 Audi S3 300ps


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Hi all.

I have a new 300ps Audi S3, looking to get Stage 1 on it.

Also noticed on the 300ps that the DSG exhaust fart is rather non existent, compared to the 310ps. Would a Stage 1 remap change this?

Is anyway able to recommend a company that is highly rated for a Stage 1 remap?

Revo doesn’t have Stage 1 able as it’s having to be redelvoped due to the new GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter).

Many thanks.


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Mine is a pre face lift and I went with APR - it feels nice and smooth and makes a massive difference...


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You know why it the TTRS & RS3 hasn’t lost power?

I've no idea. If I had to guess I would say it's purely for marketing reasons and to keep it in the "400" category and a step above the S3 perhaps. And also not to look like they are losing ground to competitors on innovation terms :)


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O/T why is the S3 down 10hp but the RS3 is allegedly same as before WLTP?

I heard the S3 is still a 310ps motor but because of the addition of the GPF it loses 10ps. The new RS3 and TTS have had more time to "adjust" to the WLTP stuff, again just what I was told fella.