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2019 A1 No CD/DVD Player

Callum Jarvis Nov 29, 2018

  1. Callum Jarvis

    Callum Jarvis Member

    Hey guys and gals,

    Haven't been on the A1 forum really since I got my A3 over a year ago but feels good to be back. I was at Audi this week taking in our family Q7 for something and had a chance to look at the new A1. It looks leaps and bounds better than the old one (wish they kept the same wing mirror design, not a fan on the polo look) push to start, virtual cockpit and a host of other standard features makes it a lot more appealing. I can definitely tell tho that the quality of materials used have gone down...and they weren't great in the first place. For some odd reason I had a look in the glove box and saw the MMI unit, when I looked a bit closer I noticed it was missing a CD/DVD slot...I personally don't know when the last time I bought a CD was and I'm sure a lot of you are the same, but I know a lot of people use it to watch DVDs on or rip their CDs to the internal drive. I believe the new Q3 will also be like this. For me this isn't a feature I'll miss but thought it was a little off considering the unit itself isn't any smaller and adding the slot load drive wouldn't have used any more space. Love to know your thoughts.
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  3. Nordkapp

    Nordkapp New Member

    That's not all that is missing:
    - no rear air vent
    - no rear USB charge point
    - No rear passenger grab handle
    - no bonnet gas strut
    - hard plastics
    - no rear exhaust protrusion unless you buy the 200bhp
    - design is too angular ( agree with the mirrors, love my 3 door 1.4 TSFI)
    - no 3 door

    Trying hard to like this but saw Petrol Ped youtube video yesterday, He drove a £21k 30 tsfi, with all options it is just sub £30k

    Think I will look to the A3
  4. TYb

    TYb Well-Known Member Team Navarra TFSI Owners Group Audi S3

    No doubt the A3 will follows the same design, so may want to act quick before the new model is released.
  5. Jcbmally

    Jcbmally Started with nothing & still have most of it left. Team Daytona Sportback Audi S3 quattro S tronic

    First four points will be extras if Audi are anything to go by. I seen one at our dealer last week and the quality has definitely dipped. Wife was not to impressed either and she (did) lloovvee the A1.
  6. Nordkapp

    Nordkapp New Member

    Wish it were true, Petrol Ped had a car with the options and pointed out the USB and air vent, I noticed the rest. Serious money for not a lot.

    Must look at the 1.5TFSI A3 before it disappears, will be hanging onto my A1 3 dr as it will be rare shortley
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  7. Evil Derboy

    Evil Derboy Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi RS5 Owners Group

    Can see why they've not included one. They're bit redundant these days. The smaller models are the first to see cost cutting "features" just as the A8 is the first to get new tech.
  8. RS3 S.

    RS3 S. Well-Known Member Team Daytona TFSI Owners Group Team V6 SQ5 owners group Audi Q5 S tronic

    How many people tho still have a ton of CD/DVD's ?. We do & always have some in the car but we are more old school than the young youf of today.
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