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Q5 2018 sline MMI No Jukebox

T0adL0ader Jun 5, 2018

  1. T0adL0ader

    T0adL0ader New Member

    Hi I have a 2018 Q5 sline, my wife drives it mainly but I have just got round to sorting the MMI out properly. I drive a A3 Saloon SLine and have the Jukebox option which I love so thought I would load up the Q5 but I can’t seem to see it in the options!!! I have searched the net and read the manual over and over and everything points to the Q5 having the Jukebox. Can some one clear this up for me as it’s driving me crazy
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  3. paul wev

    paul wev Member

    I believe I have it in my sq5? It’s on the screen in the dash. But I don’t know how to load anything on it?

  4. mxnrg

    mxnrg Well-Known Member Team Daytona TFSI Owners Group Team V6 SQ5 owners group Audi Q5 MQB Platform


    You need to have spec’d the Technology Pack (Also gives you 8.3” screen and Audi Virtual Cockpit) to get the Juke Box. I remember of my 2010 A5 feeding in all my CDs into the built in hard drive. Now I use CarPlay + Apple Music & Spotify!

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  5. T0adL0ader

    T0adL0ader New Member

    Ahh makes sense then my A3 has the Tech + pack and the Q5 doesn't have Virtual cockpit so I would say she doesn't have it however quite strangely everything on that left hand side of that list I am sure it does have? I don't feed it CDs in the A3 I had a portable hard drive with all my music on I then plug that in and boom select everything I want and hit import nice and simple and works really well.
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  6. q5man

    q5man Well known member Team Mythos TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi Q5 quattro

    If you haven’t got Tech Pack, you won’t have the touch pad and larger screen, trust me I know, I have a Q5 without Tech and regret it, but mainly for VC and larger screen and HD Sat Nav. Jukebox doesn’t bother me as use CarPlay and Spotify as mentioned above.
  7. Peter123

    Peter123 Active Member Team Navarra TFSI Owners Group Audi Q5 Navarra Blue Classic S-line owners group S tronic

    Bit late to the party, but I have the technology pack on my 67 plate Q5 TFSI Quattro S line 252 BHP and have all my songs loaded onto the Hard Drive.

    I must have missed something here! My car was a low mileage exAudi Management Vehicle (Bentley) that has the technology pack. I always thought (hadn't thought it through) that all S Line Q5's had the pack fitted as standard. You learn something every day.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018

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