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2018 S3 Issues

Chris Clemo Nov 12, 2020

  1. Chris Clemo

    Chris Clemo New Member

    Hi all,

    New to forum having got second hand 2018 S3 saloon this year and lets say things aren't going to smoothly. Just wanted to see if anyone is having/had the same issues I'm having.

    Start/Stop works majority of the time but has the tendency to completely cut the car out, which is fun if I don't notice the tacho go to off opposed to ready and try to set off. Got a ghost immobiliser to so can take a while to re-start which feels like a 3 years at a set of green traffic lights. The start/stop is very abrupt at times when it is working and jolts the cars when coming to a stop too.

    On a cold start seems or be a gravely rustle noise from the gearbox especially if I engage neutral which disappears when it's warm. Should mention its a S-Tronic gearbox too.

    High frequency metallic rattle when on full boost from time to time but again not always.

    Cruise control cutting out when hitting bumps, and I mean not big bumps just the usual small pothole/sunken tracking in the road.

    Have got it booked in with Audi end of December, the closest they had with current circumstances but would like to go with some idea's of what may be causing some of the issues or if these are things I might have to live with.

    Apart from that cars great haha!
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  3. rafletcher

    rafletcher Registered User

    The car's ignition shouldn't cut out with the stop start - IIRC the needle goes to a "ready" position - so you shouldn't need to do a full restart with the Ghost (I have one fitted too, and don't have this issue - did you get it fitted or was it already installed?).
  4. Chris Clemo

    Chris Clemo New Member

    No it was already fitted when I bought the car. Yeah it normally goes to Ready 9 times out of 10 and it fine but on the odd occasion I'm not paying attention goes to off. Didn't think the Ghost would affect it just makes the restart that bit longer at the traffic lights and adds to the embarrassment :sweatsmile:
  5. John Pilkington

    John Pilkington Registered User

    I have ghost fitted it does not affect stop start on 2019 plate.
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  6. Bells

    Bells Registered User

    Must admit your stop start does sound a bit strange, I’d check the installation of your ghost as first port of call. However, saying that the start stop in the S3 isn’t great anyway, it tends to cut out before you come to a complete stop and takes a few extra seconds to engage meaning you miss little gaps in traffic. I find myself turning it off as part of my start up routine and many on here have coded it completely off.

    Regarding cruise control cancelling at bumps my S3 did occasionally do something similar on this one particular pot hole, I’m guessing it’s some sort of safety feature to slow the car if you fell asleep at the wheel etc. Although I can’t say I’ve noticed my S5 cancelling cruise control in the same way so maybe this is something Audi can sort out for you or adjust the sensitivity.

    With regards to the STronic box I don’t know how many miles yours has done but these boxes require an oil change at I think 40k miles? So might be worth getting that done if it hasn’t already been done.
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  7. rafletcher

    rafletcher Registered User

    S-Tronic service is 38k miles.
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  8. Chris Clemo

    Chris Clemo New Member

    I am wondering if it’s something like a fault seatbelt sensor as I know the start/stop goes from to ready to off if you take your seatbelt off. Hopefully Audi can find something.

    Had the same thought about the cruise control too, had a 3 series before this and never had anything like this with the CC. Seems very sensitive.

    It’s on 16k at the minute, gear changes are perfect can’t complain about the box but the noise when cold is strange.

    Seen a few threads about the wastegate actuators rattling on S3s at full boost too which could be my issue. Mentioned it to a guy I know who worked at awesome gti and it’s the first thing he said.
  9. Damo S

    Damo S Registered User

    Ive had that happen with my cruise control, or more specifically, if it detects wheel spin in disengages the CC (probably a safety feature). The traction control is overly sensitive on these cars and going over bumps can cause it to flash up. Id say there wasnt anything up here. its just annoying (the traction control on the S3 is annoying full stop)
  10. S32B

    S32B Registered User

    First thing I do after starting the car is turn the stop/start off. I found that if I left it on it kicks in whilst rolling up to a junction :blink:...PS: on the times I've forgotten to turn it off it's never affected my ghost system though!

    Recently took my car for an MOT, I saw the guy get into my car and he was just sitting there for a while!!! I wondered what he was doing then remembered the Ghost system :p so ran over to him! He said he couldn't understand why it wouldn't go into gear :D It's a great bit of kit.
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