2018 RS5 KW Coilovers fitted today

Evil Derboy

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My car was in getting KW Variant 3 coil overs fitted today by a suspension specialist. They did the fitment and full geometry set-up. Car really does feel superb now. Very planted and the ride is still great.

Due to go back in after 300 miles to give the shocks a chance to bed in before any tweaking with rebound and damper settings. Didn't want any rubbing or boy-racer nonsense so it's modestly lowered without going mental.

Before (New wheels only)

After (Coilovers and 12mm spacers)

If anyone in the central Scotland is interested in any kind of suspension modifications or set-up, I can heartily recommend Kenneth Brown Engineering in Hillington. They really were superb and deserve their reputation.

Evil Derboy

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Can you tell me what ET is on your wheels ?
Thanks Dave
20x10.5j ET 30. I’m also running 12mm spacers which effectively makes the the offset 18. But these are 1.5 inches wider than the standard wheels.

Also if you’re looking for a similar fitment bear in mind that the RS5 is wider than the A5/S5.

If you’re thinking about new wheels this is a good place to show you the comparisons between your standard setup and what you’re considering:



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I keep forgetting she’s packing those sexy arches, my factory wheels are ET 32 but I’ve always thought they would look better with another 10mm offset, they’re set too far in for my liking.
I found some Audi rotors deep dish with the perfect offset they look fantastic on the b8’s but I’m not sure on the B9.
The wheel calculator is going to be very helpful in my quest to try get the perfect fit like yours.