2017 S5 - Too Soft - expert help required!!


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Hello Everyone - please excuse me if i have not added 'thread' correctly as this is my first ever 'Forum' :)

I am looking for assistance from anyone regarding the massive disappointment I have for my brand new 2017 S5 Sportback - I have just changed my 2016 S5 black edition for the new 2017 S5 - I loved the way the 2016 model handled and drove, but was getting increasingly frustrated at its poor systems (phone. sat nav etc) the promise of fantastic tech in the new car, combined with stunning looks, 'improved' performance and slightly larger dimensions persuaded me to order a new S5 - I have had it for 2 months and done 2500 miles.
all of the 'looks & tech' part are fantastic, but the drive in my opinion is much inferior to my 'old' S5 - it is hesitant at junctions, is much softer with a lot of lean through tight country road corners, the brakes are not so good and worst of all is the slack and lack of directness in the steering, you can literally move the steering wheel quickly from side to side for a quarter turn and the car stays straight!!! - the 2016 model I owned had performance brakes and damping, the new model has the electronic damping also - I am so disappointed with my new S5 that I am already thinking of changing it to an RS5, providing this is 'harder' the downside is that the RS is only a coupe in UK and I need the Sportback.
Can anyone give me advice to help improve the steering / handling please? - my thoughts are that if the steering is electronic and softens up via the 'mode' settings, surely it can be made very direct by a software change.
I am the furthest person away from any technical or engineering skill so really hope someone can point me in the right direction, or has a contact in Audi Sport who can assist.

Many thanks for any help :)


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What options do you have on your S5? For me with gearbox in sport and dynamic for ride, exhaust and auto for steering it's pretty sharp. The dynamic steering helps with sharpness (albeit with lack of feel as it's an electric setup) and with dynamic dampers it's pretty flat in the corners with a small degree of body roll. It's more composed than my old S3 for sure albeit it's a larger car, but can't compare to an old S5 as I never drove one

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We have enough information now to be confident that there will be an RS5 sportback, likely available early 2018.

I still haven't driven a B9, however there's not going to be a huge difference in the steering tech between a 2016 and 2017 S5. As @Joetidman suggests, maybe you have it set to comfort?

Without wanting to start a B8/B9 argument, it is important to note the fundamental engine/transmission differences between the generations. The B8's supercharged engine has a different response characteristic to the B9's turbocharged engine. Then the B8 has a dual clutch gearbox whereas the B9 has a ZF torque converter box. Again, the characteristics will be different, with the B9 being smoother on gearchanges, however the inherent elasticity of the fluid means that torque transfer response will be slower. Some people are more sensitive to this than others. Add to that the turbo lag (small as it may be), it is unlikely that the B9 will be as responsive as the B8.


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Many thanks to both Joetidman & Dippy for your replies - I love cars and love tech, I also had an i8 until May (when I sold it) as it mainly got left in the garage as I preferred driving the B8 S5 (and fitted golf clubs in!!) - I have EVERYTHING on S5 set to Dynamic and there is massive slack in the steering - I am taking it back to Audi this week and comparing it with another 2017 S5 Sportback then have booked a test drive for September in an RS5, although have seen mixed reviews about this also!! Any thoughts on suspension experts / tuners or software companies or contacts in Audi who could adjust the steering 'weight' ? I have attached Spec for your interest.
kind regards MTX


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