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Q3 2017 Audi q3 TFSI -SHELL WHITE

mark frost Mar 31, 2018

  1. mark frost

    mark frost New Member

    Can anybody help me please.
    i have a brand new Audi Q3 Sport TFSI in shell white which i picked up yesterday which i am very happy i have spoken to various people and they say i should have a subwoofer located in the spare wheel recess which is not thier what is concerning me if you undue the right hand side compartment were the jack and tools are kept the wiring and plug for the subwoofer is just hanging thier, Has the factory forgot to fit this thier is no subwoofer adjustment in the mmi menu can anybody advise me if it should have been fitted and if not why is the plug just hanging i hope somebody can help before i walk into my dealer tuesday morning and complain if it should be thier the plate on my Q3 says assembled 08/10/2017 so it has been sitting somewre for months

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