For Sale 2017 (67) A4 Avant Black Edition. 1.4 TFSI 18k miles.


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My personal lease is due to end on 21st November. I’ve been offered a price to purchase. I’ve already ordered my next car so I’m not interested in buying it but thought I’d advertise on here in case anyone may be interested. I’m based in DN21 (Lincolnshire) As you can see it’s Black. 18k miles on the clock. Will probably have around 19500k by the time it’s available. Just had a service and new tyres on the front. Excellent condition throughout. One trolly ding on the rear bumper (quoted £120) to repair which I’d be happy to have done beforehand. They’ve offered it to me for £21,550 which is valid for 14 days from today. I’ve no idea if this is a good price or not but if anyone is interested please let me know.