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2016 S3 8v 3dr Rattle rattle rattle!

robertosutherlando May 3, 2016

  1. robertosutherlando

    robertosutherlando Registered User

    Evening all,

    Don't post here often but struggling with getting to the root of a problem I have with my s3.

    Picked up the car new, late January. Only got approx 3500 miles on the clock, run in properly, always fed super unleaded - you know the script. I had an 8p S3 so I'm familiar with the noises the 2.0tfsi cars make.

    Car developed a rattle / squeak early on, approx 6-8 weeks in coming from the dash, this was fixed by the dealer. Approx 3-4 weeks after that, a horrific "clunk" is coming from the drivers side door when going over speed bumps, pot holes or general rough roads. It genuinely is horrendous and passengers have asked if something is wrong with the he car! This sound has now started on the passenger side and is accompanied by a rattle read passenger side. It's been back in to Audi and they can't find a problem at all. I supplied them with video as I knew it may have been difficult to replicate. Tech couldn't get it to make a noise but the day after it was banging away quite the thing! It's not seat belts before anyone says! Door card came off too to check but nothing loose inside.

    Has anyone had a similar problem? I'm a bit of a VAG fan, however this coupled with the cars handling has got me feeling rather jaded about the whole "new S-car" thing and makes me wish I'd got a golf r!

    Any help greatly appreciated!
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  3. HawkeyeS3

    HawkeyeS3 Registered User

    Can't help with even suggesting a root cause I'm afraid, but would suggest that if the dealership cannot create the noise, that you get one of the techies to come out with you for a drive down a road where you know it always does it. Whilst video is all well and good, often the techie needs to experience the issue first hand in order to be able to fix it.

    Can understand your frustrations, but don't lose faith - I had some early issues with mine, but with perseverance and an understanding dealership, they did get resolved - the drive with the techie to let him e perience the problem (and also give them a check point for any fixes) was the turning point.
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  4. Rob2k68

    Rob2k68 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Can I ask how you determined it was the door ? Does it do it with the glass down as well as up ? Mine made quite a nasty clunk which turned out to be the front strut top mounts.
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  5. robertosutherlando

    robertosutherlando Registered User

    Yep, noise is there whether the glass is up or down. It sounds definitely from the door, however I did wonder at first if it was the rear suspension. Surely a new car shouldn't be having problems with suspension mounts straight out the door?

    Build quality is certainly a lot poorer than the 8P.
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  6. H17YD L

    H17YD L Registered User

    I had this, happened more after it rained, for me it's the rubber on the door where it meets the plastic black surround at the top of the door (mine has BSP)

    I put some britemax rubber conditioner on all the rubber seals on the doors. Never had it since.

    I honestly thought it was something really wrong it was awful the sound it made
  7. Davetez

    Davetez Registered User

    Aaaargh! The dreaded window clunk! I've had my 3dr S3 6 months now & its really doing my head in!
    I've had it back to Audi once for them to have a look at it & was told its "chemical contamination from the stuff they spray on at hand car washes" they cleaned the seals & cured the noise while dry but as soon as it rains
    the noise returns so I'm assuming theres less friction between the glass & the seals allowing it to move about more.
    I notice it 1. over bumps 2. when braking hard 3. Severe changes in direction, roundabouts etc. The drivers door is 90% worse than the passenger door but I've hardly ever opened the passenger window so perhaps those seals are cleaner!
    To "make it do it" try driving down cats eyes. Clunk Clunk Clunk Clunk Clunk.......get the idea aaaagh!
    I bought some gummi phledge or whatever its called but havent yet got round to applying it. Watch this space.
    I'm just waiting for someone to post a solution from Audi. Are the panes mounted incorrectly?
    Why dont they have a buffer they could stop against rather than be allowed to move around.
    To cap it all, I also think the glass isnt sealing as well as it could, I can constantly hear the Whoosh! Of other vehicles as they pass me in the opposite direction which I wasnt aware of in previous cars.
    Not what you want for £35k+
    Do they care?
    Will I buy another?
  8. Cairnsy13

    Cairnsy13 Registered User

    Yep, I know exactly what you're on about. I've never taken mine back to get fixed or that but it's definitely the exact same scenario you're describing, another member on here mentioned that they got the doors realigned and the noises completely stopped. You can use the gummi phledge stuff but you'll need to keep topping it up after 2 or 3 months.

    Also with the rattle coming from inside the dashboard, did it sound like somethings vibrating near the glove box? I've had this for the last few thousand miles now and it's a nightmare on the motorway, it constantly vibrates and it's driving me mad. Between the door seals, rattling dash and my annoyingly squeeky seat I'm losing faith in audis build quality. My A1 never made a noise after 30000 miles...and it was half the price
  9. Davetez

    Davetez Registered User

    Got to say, since applying the gummi-plege the clunks have been pretty much eliminated, even when wet.
    I applied it to the door & window seals though the window seals are extremely tight on the glass & getting the gf onto the inside of the rubber is tricky. I applied some onto the glass while open then closed it into the seal, this leaves a bit of a residue though (perhaps better to then clean the glass & leave the window down till its dry)
    The Whoosh noise from oncoming vehicles hasn't got any better.
    Does anyone know if there is any adjustment on the door latch to make the door sit tighter on the seals?
  10. Scottyg

    Scottyg Registered User

    I've got an A3 and get the car passing whoosh!! Should have mentioned it when it was in for service. However, I don't do major motorway miles so it's not a big concern.

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