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2016 R8 Parts Crazy Discounts

creweaudiparts Jan 22, 2018

  1. creweaudiparts

    creweaudiparts t.fox@creweaudi.co.uk Audi Main Dealer

    Hi Guys and Girls,

    This may be of interest to some people,or if you know anyone who may be please feel free to tag them in this post.

    Crazy discount over RRP on all brand new never fitted genuine items.

    Left front wing - primed RRP £154.00 Offer price £120.00

    Rear left heater protector for rear bumper RRP £40.00 Offer price £30.00

    Bonnet - primed RRP £2415.00 Offer price £1900.00

    Front bumper towing eye cover RRP £14.00 Offer price £11.00

    Rear bumper guide/supports RRP £62.00 Offer price £48.00 left and right


    Front bumper left side grill RRP £221.00 Offer price £168.00

    Front bumper left grill surround "Dark Chrome high gloss" RRP £117.00 Offer price £90.00


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