2016 PFL RS3 Hesitation at 5k RPM


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Aug 19, 2007
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My 2016 Pre-Facelift RS3 with the CZGB engine with 43K miles has started developing an issue when accelerating under full throttle.

At 5k rpm there is a noticeable hesitation and sometimes the revs dropping to 4k with the exhaust popping as if the accelerator had been lifted off.

When trying to recreate the scenario it can happen when accelerating and shifted to 3rd gear from standstill or accelerating with kickdown from a roll at 50mph.

There is no engine warning on the dashboard or traction control to give an indication what the issue could be.

It isn’t a constant issue as it can be fine and then it starts playing up again.

Any ideas what could be causing this only at 5k rpm?