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2016 Audi s3 cabriolet S tronic slow off the line

Nickcdf Jun 17, 2020

  1. Nickcdf

    Nickcdf Registered User

    Hi everyone. I'm a member of Pistonheads forum so apologies to any readers on PH who have already seen this post.

    My S3 seems very slow off the line. This is compared to my 2017 Golf Gti 7.5 DSG. In fact the Golf gearbox is much more responsive in general.

    I think I'm right that both cars have the same gearbox. The VW Dq250. Why doesn't the S3 (which is equally supposed to be the sporty model in the range) drive so much less responsively?

    I've looked at trying to reset the gear box software in case it's "learned" from the original owner (I'm 2nd owner). But haven't been able to reset it.

    Any ideas for this lack of gearbox performance in the S3? Thanks for reading.
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  3. HertS3

    HertS3 Registered User

    Are you getting judder? If so could rear diff issue, I had that
  4. Nickcdf

    Nickcdf Registered User

    Thanks for the reply. No there's no judder. And the car has only done 16k miles. Best way to describe it is it feels like an old school auto with a torque converter. That rubber band feeling before you move. I think it could be the auto clutch feeding the power to the gears slowly. In the golf gti it was much more immediate.
  5. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    Think the 2wd day are dry clutches and the Quattro are wet clutches so they are different. I think the s3 has the dq381 on the facelift. Not sure what one it has in the prefacelift.
  6. Nickcdf

    Nickcdf Registered User

    Thanks for the reply. I thought the dry clutch was only up to cars with 150bhp. But maybe this is out of date info as it was some years ago I read that. Things might have moved on. I shall check. Obviously if the the golf and the s3 have different gearboxes after all that would explain a lot!
  7. quattrorally

    quattrorally Registered User

    I know nothing about Golfs but is the Mk7.5 equivalent to a S3 facelift?

    gearbox on facelift S3 and prefacelift S3 are different.

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  8. Nickcdf

    Nickcdf Registered User

    Hi there. You're right - the facelift S3 does have 7 speed auto. I just looked it up.

    However my 16 plate S3 def has 6 speed and the car I replaced was a Golf Gti 7.5 which also had a 6 speed. I'm assuming its the same box, and I've found sources that say they both use the dq250. But these could be wrong of course.

    I'd like to think they have the same box and that somehow I can get the same sense of urgency out of the S3. I really like it and the only downside is this sluggishness compared to the golf.
  9. VWNCC

    VWNCC Registered User


    It is because of the DSG tune for the S3 2.0T vs. the GTI 2.0T. I have test driven both the S3 and the A3 2.0T quattro (same engine as GTI in the North America) back to back and the A3 has less lag off the line. This is not new and has been observed and published on other forums.

    https://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php/832709-S3-vs-A3-A3-has-less-lag#:~:text=The S3 has a larger,bit as will a tune.

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