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2016 272 BE incoming already ordered mods lol

amowolves Nov 1, 2019

  1. amowolves

    amowolves Member

    Hey All,

    I'm moving over from the A6 section. Had 4 wonderful years of motoring with my C7 Havanna Black S line, but decided to get something slightly more practical but sexier. Here's the current car:

    WP_20160325_16_44_46_Pro.jpg WP_20160325_16_48_49_Pro.jpg

    I didn't do too much to it in terms of mods other than the usual VCDS tweaks as I preferred the generally clean and OEM appearance.
    The A6 has a rather good spec with the optional 19s and tech pack etc. so I wanted something as equally kitted out.

    Luckily I found a nice low mileage 2016 Black Edition in Daytona Grey with some optional packs. I pick her up tomorrow and all being well I should get some pics up over the weekend.

    In the excitement I have already ordered the below bits:

    *Carbon effect 3D resin number plates
    *Carbon effect number plate holder (didn't want to use screws or sticky pads this time)
    *Audi rings puddle lights
    *boot liner
    *had the android auto retrofit activation done at the dealers. Though it says it can only be applied to 2017 models, it can actually be applied to cars with a build date from 25th June 2016. Luckily mine had an Aug build date.

    Cant wait.... never had an auto before (preferred manuals) but from the initial test drive the s-tronic gearbox was really impressive. It didn't seem as laggy as other autos I've driven previously. Also I've read that's there's a launch control feature for the s-tronic? has anyone tried that? Even though its not something I will be doing straight away but still ;-)

    anyway here's a couple of pics from the advert as placeholders for now...

    image003.png image004.png
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  3. Bishop187

    Bishop187 Active Member

    Very nice car. Love that colour too. I’ve got the same in black. What packs does it have?

    I’ve used launch control a few times. It’s quite fun.
    To activate it you have to:
    Turn off start/stop
    Turn off stability control
    Put drive select into dynamic
    Press the brake down hard
    Press the accelerator down hard. The revs should go to 3k, if it doesn’t u, done it wrong.
    Then let go of the brake.
    And you’ll go!


    A7 3.0tdi 272 Black Edition Mythos Black Tech pack
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  4. amowolves

    amowolves Member


    Thanks mate.

    From what I can see its got the tech pack plus interior lighting pack.

    Not sure if the other bits are standard BE spec? but its got the HUD, BOSE, Flat bottom wheel, Phone box with wireless charging and Folding mirrors.

    does anyone know if i can expect the remote start or remote open/lock to work via myaudi app?
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2019
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  5. Bishop187

    Bishop187 Active Member


    You’ll only be able to do a few things with the myAudi app. Like send addresses to ur nav. Can’t unlock the car or start it.

    A7 3.0tdi 272 Black Edition Mythos Black Tech pack
  6. amowolves

    amowolves Member

    A bit later than expected but by the time i got back it was already dark. Hopefully take some daytime pics once i get a chance to get a coat of wax on it.

    Front cropped HD.jpg rear cropped HD.jpg puddle lights HD.jpg puddle lights2 HD.jpg

    Not really had a chance to drive it much yet, but so far it has made my morning commute much more enjoyable at least :) Never thought i'd like an auto as much but i don't see myself ever going back to a manual.

    The android auto retrofit is awesome too. Though not sure as yet if it was worth the extra £369 over the existing MMI functions.

    As for the puddle lights...i know they're a bit marmite but i think they look great. Really look sharp and clear at night.

    Defo a improvement over my C7 A6 in every department. Touchwood its just as reliable over the next 3/4 yrs.
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  7. amowolves

    amowolves Member

    Finally managed to get some semi dry daytime pics.

    Still not had a chance to give it a coat of wax or polish with this rubbish weather, but I did manage to get my new 3d carbon gel resin plates on with the genuine audi sport plate holders. Also put on some red wheel nut covers that i had from my previous car.

    a7sideweb.jpg A7rearweb.jpg

    Will paint the calipers red when i get some good warmish weather and possibly consider either de-badging the rear or even black badges instead.

    Other than that I've also managed to do the below vcds tweaks:

    *enabled remote closing of boot hatch with bleeping
    *enabled bleep on door lock
    *disabled zenons (so only drl leds are on) when coming home/going away
    *enabled rear tails on with drls when coming home/going away
    *increased intensity of drls when headlights are on (by default they get dimmed)
    *enabled needle sweep on start
    *enabled lap timer and boost gauge
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  8. amowolves

    amowolves Member

    also anyone know how much engine oil the 272 uses? does it need topping up between services? presume 1l will be enough to go from min to full in the mmi?
  9. The Chimp

    The Chimp New Member

    1ltr should do it. I normally have to top it up with about half a ltr between services.

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