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Sold 2015 S3 Saloon Exclusive Mystic Blue & Hi Spec

oakesy Oct 9, 2020

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  1. oakesy

    oakesy Registered User

    2015 (65) Audi S3 Saloon (DSG) - Exclusive Paint – High Spec

    Presented in Audi Exclusive Mystic Blue with a high specification level including;

    • Black Super Sport Leather Interior with Electric Lumbar Support

    • Factory Black Styling Pack

    • Comfort Package

    • Technology Pack & Audi Connect – MMI Nav + etc.

    • 3D Black Inlay Interior trim

    • Interior Light Pack

    • Bang & Olufsen Sound System

    • Red Brake calipers with S3 Logo on Front

    • Audi Side Assist

    • Hold Assist

    • Parking +

    • Reversing Camera

    • High Beam Control

    • LED Adaptive Headlights

    • Advanced Key
    The wheels currently have Michelin Pilot Sport Tyres all round and sitting on around 4mm of tread at the front and 5mm at the rear.

    Currently on 43000 Miles but will rise as it’s used daily

    4 Owners including myself, the previous owner being a member on here also.

    12 Months MOT

    The car has been serviced in accordance with the Audi Schedule, opting for Long Life oil under my ownership.

    Under warranty the car has had a replacement thermostat housing, to fix a small leak that is very common on these vehicles, as well as a new Haldex pump as this had failed due to a blocked gauze filter, again very common.

    Services have been carried out at either Audi Main dealer or, most recently, a VAG Specialist.


    07/04/17 – Flexible Oil Change Service & 96E1 Complete (13700 Miles) – Southend Audi

    15/5/17 – Dust & Pollen Filter Change (14509 Miles) – Stratford Audi

    04/11/17 – Inspection with Oil Change (21244 Miles) – Bristol Audi

    20/07/18 – Haldex Pump replaced and oil flushed under warranty (28783 Miles) – Lincoln Audi

    15/10/18 – Oil / Filter Service – AC Service – Brake Fluid Change (30630 Miles) – Lincoln Audi

    15/10/18 – Thermostat housing replaced under warranty due to common coolant leak (30630 Miles) – Lincoln Audi

    31/10/19 – Oil Filter & Longlife Oil Service (36176 Miles) – Lincoln Audi

    23/10/20 – MOT & Major Service – Air Filter Replaced - New Spark Plugs – Longlife oil & Filter – AC Service – Brake Fluid Replaced – Haldex Filter cleaned and Oil replaced – Transmission Oil and Filter replaced (42000 Miles) – LVS Lincoln

    I'm only selling as I have recently changed jobs and now have a commute of over 500 miles a week.

    I'm looking for offers around £20000.

    I'll upload more pictures at the weekend.

    Located in Lincoln.

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  3. Bells

    Bells Registered User

    Think I’ve seen you driving around Lincoln from time to time as I’m local, it’s a great colour - good luck with the sale :icon thumright:
  4. oakesy

    oakesy Registered User

    Thanks for the comments. I really don't want to sell but I have to admit defeat and get a diesel for the commute.

    I've only had chance to get some pics of the interior due to this weather.
    More to follow once the weather improves.
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  5. oakesy

    oakesy Registered User

  6. oakesy

    oakesy Registered User

    Now sold!

    Unable to edit original post.
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