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2015 S3 rough idle problem

Lewbo Jun 20, 2018

  1. Lewbo

    Lewbo Registered User

    Hi all
    I currently have a 2015 S3 and having a very rough idle. No error codes or lights on the dash when this happens.

    I’ve found that if I unplug the inlet mainfold pressure sensor it runs perfect with no misfires at all. Swapped it out for a new one and I still have the same rough idle.

    Also swapped coils and plugs and it still persists. I also unplugged the cam sensor and that also makes it run perfect. Soon as it’s plugged back in rough idle again.

    Has anybody had this problem or know what It can be? Thanks
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  3. Sean6211

    Sean6211 Registered User

    Have someone with Ross-tech VCDS do a scan for you, it goes a long way in helping with diagnostics. Throwing random parts at a problem is an expensive way of trying to fix it.
  4. Lewbo

    Lewbo Registered User

    I have VCDS and I be plugged it in with no error code what so ever. Only brings up error codes when i unplug the manifold sensor or cam sensor then it runs sweet with no missfires.

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