2015 A4 Avant 3.0 TDI Black Edition


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Hi there I am thinking of moving from a Ford Mondeo Titanium X-Sport to a 3.0 Tdi Avant. I was thinking of the facelift 2012 to 2015 version. However I have found one (in the UK) which has two exhaust tail pipes on the near side rather one on each side.
When and why did Audi move away from a single on each side on the 3.0 Tdi to a twin on the N/S??
I can see the 2016 facelift seems to have a twin on the N/S.
I seem to remember with the arrival of adblue, the 3.0 tdi had the larger tank size ( both fuel and adblue ) and they used the space normal occupied by one of the rear silencer boxes on the earlier 'one each side' arrangement for the location of the adblue tank
Bit of an aesthetic design faux pas imho !!!

Kev M

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As posted above this was implemented with the EU6 Engine (Adblue)

My car was ordered June 2015 with the exhaust's on each side but when it arrived September 2015 it has twin pipe on the passenger side.