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2015 A3 Saloon Sline Genuine Black Edition

S33AWM Nov 9, 2018

  1. S33AWM

    S33AWM Member

    2015 A3 Sline Saloon Genuine Black Edition

    Have this car now a month and have done a few tasteful mods to it...

    Bought it as an ex VWFS car that a fella had on pcp 45k full Audi Portadown History Etc

    Replaced the brakes and gave it a good detail to start with and then began modding by doing the following

    • Retrofitted the Audi LED cup ring holders
    • 45mm Vmaxx Lowering Springs
    • Replaced the 19ā€ Sline BE wheels with 19ā€ RS6cā€™s
    • Fitted Pirelli Pzero rubber
    • Retrofitted the genuine Audi Navigation
    • LED interior Lights
    • VCDS coded pace car indicators on both the headlights & taillights , needle sweep , cornering fog lights , alarm Chirp upon locking & unlocking
    Plan to tint the windows next and fit a Reiger front splitter

    B5711514-6BE7-466A-A28A-68DE0B565ADE.jpeg E5B9633E-D640-4814-AB21-5FD1DD6397B0.jpeg B4D51E03-7D96-4ABA-84D7-B09463B6F6A3.jpeg
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