2014 - S3 Brake replacement


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I have had a advisory from the dealer whilst in for a service 2 weeks ago that my Brakes are 75% worn. It was suggested that I would have about 2-3000 Miles left.
Yesterday the warning light came on the dash! So I imagine the warning comes on a bit early.

They quoted me £482 for front disks and pads!!

I was wondering if there any good replacements I could look into that maybe an independent might be able to fit. Although the OEM seem ok.


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Warning light does come on early. Get a quote from an independent to fit OEM parts. Or do it yourself, pads and discs a doddle to fit, but you'll have to get the unit reset at Audi and they'll charge you for that.


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Fitting discs and pads is a doddle. If you're unsure, ask a friend or neighbour who's handy with the spanners and pay them in wine and they'll teach you how it's done.

As for the reset, I'm not familiar with Audi's brake pad warning system, but assumed it was like every other car in that when you change the front pads the light will clear itself.

The sensor is usually a sacrificial element in the pad that either wears through and breaks a circuit (2-wire), or else connects to earth through contact with the disc (1-wire), bringing up the warning light. They don't usually fit sensors to rear brakes, but I imagine that some recalibration of the electric handbrake might be required if you replace them. On a car that's only two years old though, I'd expect your rear brakes to be in good order still, with only the front pads worn.

You may also find that if you're only just getting through your first set of pads, your discs may well have sufficient life left in them to be able to re-use them. I know modern brake materials are far harder on the iron discs than pads of old, but I didn't think we were at the stage where they had to be replaced along with every pad change yet.


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Thanks for the replies, I have called an indi up and they can do OEM for £111 less and padgid £200 cheaper... indi will get my business, looks like the labours is double at the Audi Dealer.


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You can take quote to audi and they will price match. If it were the rear. They have motors on the calliper and you need to have them wound in via computer and then set again to do the rear disks and pads.


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I wore my front discs/pads out in 20,000 km. My independent mechanic offered replacement rotors and pads for about half the $1550 the dealer wanted. For a about $200 extra I upgraded to slotted DBA rotors and Winmax W2 ceramic pads. ( I know the Aussie, prices aren't relevant in the UK, just for reference).
Only done about 50kms on them so still bedding them in.

I do occasional track days and my mechanic suggested this would be enough of an upgrade.

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