2014 New Year, New Mods


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2014 is just around the corner so what has everyone got planned for 2014 mod or car wise? Is yours a keeper or a mover. I have been gathering a few bits but I have held of due to the weather but hope to have the following fitted in Feb-March when its a bit better.
18" Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 Silver
CTS Air Intake supplied by Brotek
Eibach Sportline springs supplied by DPM
Whiteline anti lift kit
MFSW(require a few bits to complete)
CV boot kit


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Wouldn't mind some MY11 lights and maybe a remap, but I'm not overly fussed it's enough car to keep me happy for a few years :) Going to put 4 brand new tyres on once I remove the two winters I have on the front at the moment.

I think I will be getting it detailed though to show off the Phantom Black in all it's glory :D


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full s line kit would be nice

hybrid turbo

uprated clutch

full exhaust system

probably another set of wheels

turning into more of a want list than a do list ha


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I may splash out on some new dust caps.... :)

Failing that, looking to px for an edition 30 or evo 8. Or I may keep it.


In need of a V8.
Looks like nothing this year for me, got my cambelt and major service due along with car tax. I also may need to replace my fuel pump but that's a good excuse to buy uprated!


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Well with the MOT passed yesterday and my car begin 5 years old at the end of Jan it's time for service and cambelt/waterpump in 2014


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Fit the Pro-Kit springs, and probably a black Optic RS3 grille...