For Sale 2014 Audi A8 Wheels with tyres for sale.

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When I had my 2014 A8, I ran some different wheels on the car and stored the original wheels it came with.
I need the space and I've been meaning to sell these for a while, just haven't got round to it until now.

Tyres are 255 / 45 / R19 104Y

I hope the pictures will be sufficient, but any questions, just ask.

17-0206 A8 wheels for ad#2 resized.jpg

Part number: 4H0 601 025 AQ
17-0206 A8 wheels for ad#4 resized.jpg

Wheels dimensions: 9.0J x 19H2 ET33
17-0206 A8 wheels for ad#5 resized.jpg

One of the tyres has a plug, which was possibly done by the previous and first owner or the Audi dealer I bought the A8 from.
17-0206 A8 wheels for ad#6 resized.JPG

For sale for £500 or sensible offer.


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That’s a clean set, good luck with the sale. What did you replace them with?

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Yes, they're in good condition, no curbing, one slight mark on one wheel.
The stud pattern would fit other 5 stud Audi cars, but you'd have to check the offset.
Would be a good set of winter wheels, etc.

I had a set of these on my A8, until a lorry removed the front right quarter of the car.
Audi wheel.jpg

Love the A8 D3 & D4, I've had one of each.