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2013 RS5 Cabriolet: Suspension help please

angus328 Jun 17, 2020

  1. angus328

    angus328 New Member

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and require some advice.
    We currently have a 2013 RS5 cab in the family fleet. Its a great car and operates in a wide variety of situations.

    My issue is with the suspension:
    Comfort mode is exceptionally "wallowy " only vertically, not side to side.
    This also happens in dynamic mode but only when pushing on rather hard. I guess the momentum and weight is inevitably going to cause this.
    However no matter what setting the car is in, the initial impact of small road surface undulations or cracks really vibrate and judder the car.
    It almost crashes into tiny road imperfections.

    The car is on 20inch rotor alloys (nankang tyres, haha i know).
    My plan is to switch to a 19inch wheel and michelin pilot sport 4s tyre with a deeper tyre wall etc.

    Firstly is it possible to fit a 19inch wheel over the ceramic brakes?
    And do you think this will make a difference?

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