2013 5d S-line auto lights/wipers DIY retrofit info, coding help needed.


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Hi All, I have a 2013 8V S-line, without auto lights and wipers.
I had my windscreen replaced on my insurance the other day, while he was there I had a chat to the technician and asked if it was a different windscreen for cars with auto lights and wipers. He said no, as my car already has a humidity sensor and climate control, so the windscreen already supports auto lights as does the wiring.
This got me thinking, as I really miss auto light and wipers from my previous Audis, especially CH/LH lights. A bit of research seemed to confirm that I only need to replace the sensor and the light switch.
I have ordered the Auto light switch on ebay for £50, and the humidity/rain/light sensor for my car (8UD955559B) for £36.
Fitting will be straight forward, but is anyone able to help me witch what coding is needed?
I have a genuine micro CAN cable and the latest VCDS. I could probably work it out by poking about in various modules, but if someone knows already it would be great!
I will update this thread with progress for those interested.