For Sale 2013 (13 Plate) A7 Black Edition


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Hi all,

Up for sale is my lovely A7. I've owned it since December 2019, having travelled to London to buy the spec I wanted - Black Edition, HUD, Daytona Grey Pearl metallic paint, 21" rotor alloys. It's a lovely car!

I'll start with the 'bad bits' - it's had 6(!) owners including me. One was the dealership whom I bought it from, I don't know the history prior to that. The alloys all have some elements of kerb rash and in some cases are starting to peel. It is an 8 year-old car, so clearly there will be some blemishes to the paintwork too, along with interior scuffs and wear.

Under my ownership the car has been serviced (by a very good VAG independent who is 5 mins from my house), and MOT'd. I hand-wash it regularly, and tend to use Autoglym and Meguiar products. I am not at all knowledgeable about cars, or capable mechanically, so I've not done anything to it myself, beyond cleaning. I have had work done including an RS style front grille with gloss black badge (original grille retained and included in sale), brake calipers painted 'ferrari red', new pads and discs all round, and 5 new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires fitted (5 because 1 punctured 1 a few weeks after getting fitted, so I had to pay for another fresh one!). The gearbox is sealed for life and doesn't require a gearbox service like some other variants (this is the 8-speed auto, confirmed by Edinburgh Audi).

I'd say the condition overall is 7/10 - but recognise this is entirely subjective and would strongly encourage viewings and happy if you bring along independent mechanic to look it over. The leather is really good throughout, the paintwork I think is excellent for a car 8 years old, the engine and gearbox run smoothly and even sound nice, the car is economical to run being a 3.0 litre diesel, it has great zip at just over 6 seconds 0-60, and it's a lovely comfortable place to sit (although please note it is quite low down).

It comes with Heads-Up Display, Sat Nav, Bluetooth, cruise control, Audi Park technology (I've never used it), an official Audi rubber bootliner, Audi manuals and document holder, 2 x keys and probably a bunch of other stuff but that's all I can think of!

MOT expires 8th December 2021. Last service was a minor service completed 19th June 2020 at 38,134 miles at indy VAG specialist (updated in official Audi system and I have a printout of this). Current mileage is 40,264. Reading the service manual, looks like it might not need to be serviced again til next year - service intervals are every 19,000 miles or 2 years.

Service history is electronic, I have service paperwork from 22nd May 2019 with Bedford Audi (major service @ 32,504 miles), 24th May 2017 with Cambridge Audi (minor service @ 18,093 miles), and 31st March 2016 with Cambridge Audi (minor service @ 8,269 miles). Of course I also have the service paperwork from the local indy I used here in Edinburgh (minor service @ 38,134 miles) which is also reflected in the Audi system.

Photos in an album here (all taken today):

I'm advertising this elsewhere for £16,500, but would sell here for £16,000. I live in Edinburgh and happy to take viewings here, please PM me if interested. Any questions at all, please ask!



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