2012 A6 BiTDI starting to crash and bang

Ok so my A6 has reached 155k and I think she is starting to sound louder over our wonderful rock roads.

I`m thinking ARB bushes or drop links could be the first inspection. Then maybe shocks and springs.

Car has just passed MOT no issues raised.

It could be me but has anyone else has a higher mileage A6 and had to replace anything for general banging / excessive clatter noises. Might just be me after driving the wife's Sirocco.

I don`t want to go low and rude Its a family car but any suggestions are welcome.



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Jez, 155k is a good innings. Sorry, can't offer any advice, but let us know how you get on. They're normally quite refined but things may be wearing ( a bit like my joints ).


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My C6 was in a right state with 180K on the clock. the shocks were doing sod all, bushes on all the arms were all warn out and the top shock mount on the rear were splitting as the steal bush pressed into the alloy housing had started to expand due to corrosion. The rear of the car was far worse than the front, but I replaced all the bushes, new front arms , shocks & springs all round and the car felt like new again no crashes or bangs.
Cheers I think its the front right i can sort of simulate it steering right and the left sharply.

Just look like a nutter weaving down the road.

Car did mainly motorway miles before I got it 85k in 2 years lol
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All depends who make them, if they are just a cheap budget brand then expect them to last 12 months and need replacing again, you need a decent brand like Lemforder, who make the suspension arms for Audi.