2012 3.0 TDI S-Tronic 2nd gear and reverse juddering.


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Hi all, as from the title i have a severe juddering in second gear at low speeds. ie speeding up from around 5mph in second. the car shakes / judders very noticeably from underneath. this is repeatable every time.

this is slightly different to my issue in reverse, it seems overall hesitant to move in reverse, gear takes a long time to engage and when reversing there is a distinct metal / metallic clatter, similar to the sound of flywheel chatter in a manual possibly?

The dealer is cooperating and helping me fix it, so far they have done brake discs and had the mechatronics unit refurbished by ECU-TUNING. none of this made any difference this far.

the local indy tried to do an adaptation reset on the TCM today but it failed with an error along the lines of "fork unable to select neutral 2" cant remember exactly but something to do with the fork and neutral.

Dealer thinks its the gearbox so theyre fitting a recon next week, my indy however thinks its the clutches (more specifically the clutch plate isnt gripping and causing the rattle and judder.)

i was hoping some of you might have some thoughts on this? i have the CDUD 245ps engine but im unsure on my transmission.

thanks guys!!!


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also whats everyone's mpg like with similar engines? im getting about 28mpg average (and thats taking it really handy.) mostly b roads etc over 1500 miles i think it averaged 31mpg with an average speed of 25mph ?


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Hello! :)
I just registred here to tell you i got the same problem.
I bought an A6 MY 2012 2 years ago and got the problem after about 1 year driving it.
Almost the same engine (CDUC, with a remap) and the 0B5 NPB transmission.

The only problem is stuttering when shifting from 1st to 2nd or 3rd to 2nd & also reverse.
It seems like there are very few people who get this problem. Your post was the only one i could find on the entire internet.

I hope you or someone else can tell me how to fix this and what has to be replaced.

Thanks in advance :)