For Sale 2011 S4 Avant - Sports Diff, Drive Select....


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Hi all,

Bit of advance notice - due to wife wanting me to get something a bit smaller and myself looking for something newer my much loved S4 will be going up for sale end of the month.

Few details:
63.5k on Clock
I'm the 3rd Owner (first owner was Audi from memory).
Full Service History (last service just done this month and 2 new Michelin's on the front).
High Spec with Drive Select, Sports Diff, Sunroof, Super Seats, B&O and the usual S4 refinements, including heated seats, NAV, DAB etc. Also comes with the balance of Sytner Warranty until January next year (I bought from BMW funny enough and they put a 3 year Warrenty on to seal the deal).

Changed the S4 grill to Gloss Black S-Line (never liked the grey one, though still have it in the garage) like the incognito look it gives with just a Quattro badge added.
Had the oil/pressure sensors on the sports diff replaced early 2018 (Warranty covered).
Had the clutch pack replaced in the summer (Warranty covered.. nice), and as the gearbox was out had the circuit board and solenoid replacement of the mechatronics and replaced the gearbox range sensor and loom done so no fear of any gearbox trouble here! I then went what the hell and had APR Stage 1 done (with gearbox map) - this was all done by RD Garage Services near me (excellent indie garage near me).

Will post some more pics when the weather gets better, and add further details as I'm sure something I have missed - located near Heathrow.
Private plate will be removed before selling.

Looking for £15,000



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Hi all.

More pics below... I was planning to have the alloys refurbished but never got round to it. Last MOT was in January... Flew through with only a comment on tyres which I had done with the recent service.


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