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2011 Audi A7 245 s tronic poor mpg

Myz666 Nov 1, 2018

  1. Myz666

    Myz666 New Member

    Hi, I recently downgraded from a m4 vert to a high miles 2011 Audi A7 245 s tronic s line 120k tbh i expected better mpg shes a cheap run about and drives really nice.

    I’ve owned 2 bitdi’s one 13 a6 avant- and a 14 sq5 they had really good mpg Before buying this car I believed it had efficiency mode and similar mpg but it doesn’t and you cannot select efficiency in drive select, what can I do to improve mpg I’m getting 33.5 and I’m driving very carefully I think it should be well into the high 30/40s ....Two questions:

    1. Would injector cleaners work like cataclean(claim to improve mpg) or the other brands (really considering trying this) seen as she has high miles ? I use branded premium shell diesel anyway as standard.

    2, I’ve seen I can program the efficiency mode into the car using vcds ? If so would it really work as it go through into the highest gears etc?

    Please assist,


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