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2010 A8 AMI question

alexander555 Feb 22, 2021 at 9:37 PM

  1. alexander555

    alexander555 New Member

    Hi All, I have a basic question related to the AMI on my recently purchased 2010 A8.

    I had the manuals in the house when I was trying to figure out how to play music from my phone through the MMI (3G). According to the manual, there is an AMI port in the glovebox.


    So I spent quite a bit of money on an 'invery brand' AMI Bluetooth convertor.

    Only to find there is nothing in the glovebox (yes - I should have checked lol!)


    I have tried to google what is going on but found all the posts about AMI/MMI pretty confusing. The only unusual thing about the car is it has a cellphone dock in the armrest which according to the original Audi receipt was an add on.

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