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Aidan1256 Apr 3, 2020

  1. Aidan1256

    Aidan1256 Registered User

    Ive recently bought a 2010 a3 1.6 tdi and I've noticed it overheats on the motorway, normal driving is fine but over 100kph sometimes the temp shoots up to 110 and on one occasion 130, if I put it in neutral and roll or turn it off the temp slowly goes back down, this has a major affect on the performance aswell. As soon as the temp reaches 90 normally the fans kick on and stay on full continuously without very harsh driving.
    Since getting the car a month ago I've tried to sort this problem out bringing it to 2 different mechanics and after having the timing belt, water pump etc changed, and new coolant it still over heats.
    I had it remapped and the egr disabled which seemed to fixed it but it eventually came back ( overheating happened before the remap) the dpf light has also come on once before but I don't think it's related to the temp.
    Plz help as it is annoying and I don't want the engine to blow up from overheating :)
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  3. aqibi2000

    aqibi2000 Registered User

    Is the thermostat working
  4. BrummieLad

    BrummieLad Registered User

    It could be your thermostat. A good way to test is remove the thermostat from the car, and get a bowl full and of hot kettle water and throw the thermostat in. You should see it open after a short while. If it doesn’t that’s your problem.
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  5. nluk100

    nluk100 Registered User

    Is your coolant level dropping? These engines are prone to porous cylinder heads and also leaking water pumps. The coolant should be pink so you should see pinky-white stains if there is a leak.

    The other cause may be an airlock after the coolant was replaced.

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