2009+ Upgrade Mirrors, DRL Module Chit Chat

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Dec 30, 2011
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Done the searching, nothing affirmative coming back on results for modules required.

I beleive mirrors are plug & play using correct door modules, anyone know part number?

Also i beleive CAN Gateway needs to be "AD" prefix? and Comfort Module "J" prefix.

Please correct where required

Wing mirrors complete with indicators (my 10 dumbos or my11)
Door modules: P/N 8P0 959 801 M (Drivers) / P/N 8P0 959 802 M (Passengers)
Bonnet release cable

Now for the fitting of the mirrors, Note that I wouldn’t recommend using mirrors from the wrong door version i.e. 3 door mirrors for a 3door car

These will require your new door modules to be fitted and you to rewire your door card as per the wiring schematics in Elsawin, note if you have puddle lighting some of the earths will require joining this involves almost completely removing all the wire tape from the loom so its best to have some of it to hand.

see above
The mirror will just plug in. The door modules need to be rewired to make sure te central locking and door card functions (window switches, interior monitoring) still work if upgrading from pre facelift.
I didn't need to upgrade my convenience module or the can gateway. The led indicators will be able to be coded in with the new door module but you could also just wire in one of the pins from the mirror to your existing indicators and get that working so could save yourself from buying the door module
Cheers lads, Currently got mine wired to the original indicators but wanted to clean it up a little.

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