2009 A5 Cab - Roof not secure error - VCDS help


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Hello all,
Recent convert from A4 Cab to a A5 cab...
Has an issue, soon as I hit 35mph it alarms saying "roof not secure" and the amber warning light on the dash starts flashing. Under 35 mpg the roof waning light is constantly on.
I have just replaced the F202 sensor, roof opens and closes fine (this error was there before I replaced it too).
Based on the open / closed status is the switches and locks, everything is as it should be.

But :-
1. The rear screen heater light wont stay on.
2. Rear roof light wont work (though does flash on for a second just as the roof closes).
3. When closing, the windows don't roll back up.
4. It doesn't always beep on close but does on roof open.
5. Boot wont open with soft touch - I have to use the key.

I have full VCDS :-

Address 26: Auto Roof (8F0 959 255 )

IDE03111-MAS02443 Interior lighting-Release for rear interior light OFF
IDE03114-MAS01582 Comfort function-Return message not active
IDE03114-MAS02445 Comfort function-Folding top request Not operated
IDE03114-MAS02447 Comfort function-Release locked

Address 09: Cent. Elect. (8K0 907 063 J)

Closed Hood Latch Switch
Closed Hood Latch Switches
Intermed pos. Convertible top status

So I am pretty sure this means the car thinks the roof is in the wrong position but i cant figure out how to reset that. Its not possible to do a manual open / close (although I have done it and reset the infamous yellow handles in the rear wings).
Any suggestions ? Is this an adaption / measurements blocks thing ?
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Hi, did some digging and the outputs below are all backwards compared to a known good set of values.
IDE02664-MAS02271 is top left tension switch - F409 - will take a look at that tomorrow.

Address 26: Auto Roof (8F0 959 255 )

IDE02664-MAS02271 Switch for folding top-Left tensioning bow switch Not operated
IDE02664-MAS02272 Switch for folding top-Right tensioning bow switch operated
IDE02666-MAS00538 Convertible top status-Convertible top operation indicator lamp On
IDE02666-MAS01535 Convertible top status-Rear window defogger OFF
IDE02666-MAS02283 Convertible top status-Condition Intermediate position
IDE02666-MAS02290 Convertible top status-Rear lid not enabled
IDE02667-MAS02290 Cut-out requirements-Rear lid closed
IDE02667-MAS02427 Cut-out requirements-Folding top run blocked not active
IDE03111-MAS02443 Interior lighting-Release for rear interior light OFF
IDE03114-MAS02447 Comfort function-Release locked


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Sooooo after a lot of head scratching the roof now opens, closes and the rear courtesy lights and rear screen heater now work

F409 sensor was intermittent. Moved the housing a little. Job done.

No more 'roof not secure ' alarms at 35mph.