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2009 2.0tdi possible purchase

norris_309 Jun 3, 2019

  1. norris_309

    norris_309 Member Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Having owned my current b6 1.9 TDI for 4/5 years I'm now looking for a replacement family car.

    I've seen a 2owner 2009 sline Avant 88k miles for sale locally that looks ok, with FSH however I'm assuming the cambelt is 5 years/60k? If so, the cambelt needs doing (not sure the dealer agrees!! As he proudly tells me it was done on 60k miles.. In 2014.)

    So that's one downside unless I can get £500 knocked off at a guess? Would that seem about right for cambelt & waterpump change?

    Also in the back of my mind I'm thinking of the past oil pump issues,
    This looks like it's a march 09 car, anyone know if this is prone to the problems with balancer shaft?

    Wondering if I'm safer holding out for. 2010 car?

    Also any other things to look out for?

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  3. DickoB8

    DickoB8 A4 Avant S Line Executive 170bhp

    Just to give you an idea I paid £425 all in for a cambelt and waterpump change using genuine parts at my local VAG specialist.
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  4. norris_309

    norris_309 Member Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Nice one, thanks for the info.
    Think I paid around 400 for my b6 so at least I know I wouldn't be being unreasonable asking for 500 off for this.

    Thinking I might hold out for a 2010 or above though.
  5. jakm15

    jakm15 Active Member

    It will have the dodgy oil drive shaft in that, I'd be looking at a 60 plate onwards if you want peace of mind for that.

    We've got a 60 plate 2.0 TDI 143bhp s line Avant and have had it for around 2 and half years and done approximately 20k in it. I've had to do the following to it to give you an idea what tends to need attention around that age and what I've spent on it general maintenance and cosmetic wise.

    Cambelt, Aux belt and water pump plus drivers wheel bearing £500 Inc parts and labour

    New passenger brake caliper sticking £60 parts

    Air con recharge £35 parts, labour

    Aux belt tensioner and alternator clutch pulley £50 parts

    Clutch and Flywheel £800 parts and labour

    4 way thermostat change £30 parts

    Ignition key reader £25 parts (Mrs broke the original)

    Remap to 180bhp £200

    Yearly oil, oil filter, fuel filter, pollen filter, air filter change £60

    2 front tyres £100

    Alloy refurb £200

    Detachable Towbar and genuine electrics £150

    Brake fluid flush £15

    2x rear shock absorbers £40 parts

    I suspect it needs the front suspension arms replacing soon as the front drivers sides knocks occasionally, this will be around £400 for both sides parts only for a good quality kit with everything you need.

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  6. norris_309

    norris_309 Member Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Brilliant thanks for that, very interesting.
    I currently have a b6 so it seems they share similar front end suspension/steeering components then!!! Changed a few bits on mine.

    I think I'll not bother with that one then & look out for a slightly newer one. (Or dare I say it a c class estate... Sorry)

    I'm undecided between the 2, I think I like the Merc because it's a total change from the b6 whereas the b8 has a similar feel. But I think the A4 is more 'Me' if you know what I mean
  7. DickoB8

    DickoB8 A4 Avant S Line Executive 170bhp

    I was under the impression it was engines before Sept 2009 which suffered from the balancer shaft issues? Anything after had the revised part fitted

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