F1 season 2014

Lol no what u mean!

Been watching f1 for as long as I can remember and the following year has always promised to be better than the previous, trouble is they always seem to be the same!

They need re fuelling and different tyre manufacturers, these guys need to be able to go flat out not pussy foot around cause the tyres can't cope!

Can see a fair few mech failures next yr thou.

Next season can't come soon enough! :laugh:

Tell me about it Joe, i need a better choice of team for next years Ff1 team. Im going to miss Mark Webber. :) x
I went off F1 for a while when it got too predictable, and yet again another German is killing off all the fun by being too damned efficient.
I went off F1 for a while when it got too predictable, and yet again another German is killing off all the fun by being too damned efficient.

To be honest, Vettel off the track is a likeable guy, but Vettel the racing driver is another story! I think he did himself no favours after the 'multi 21' thing, and some of his quotes of late hasn't gone down to well with other drivers too!
Any one seen the rumour of having double points for the last race of the season to "even" it up?Absolute joke and going to ruin it
They are basically trying to stop Vettle from winning But no chance it will ever go through they aint that stupid
Apparently this stupid ridiculus idea has ben signed off by the FIA. The pinicle of motorsport is no longer F1 in my opinion, and I have been a massive fan forthe last 20yrs. For a long time the business side has been getting larger and the sporting side decreasing, now there aint much sport left at all :-(
Really AD?How can they see that this is no good for the sport!If that was the case im sure Hamilton wouldnt of won it the year he did
You can make that argument for quite a few closely fought championships over the past 15 years. We want to see the championship in the balance for as long as possible on merit (1994-2000 were all close, 2005-2010 likewise) not because the last race is worth double/triple/a million points. Changing the points system is all nonsense, trying to fix a problem that can't be fixed. Put an exceptional driver (Vettel) in the best car (Red Bull) and you get the results we've had, changing the points system does little to help and would have done little to change the outcome of the championship before the final race. Only teams fighting for the minor places in the constructors championship are going to be bothered about it. Its not a new thing either. Anyone remember McLaren's dominance in the late 80's? Or Williams in the 90's (every driver cutting deals to get in the dead-cert championship winning car)?? It's a different case when either/both championships are closely fought obviously...but then no-one would be moaning about processional races and one driver winning everything because it'll have been ding-dong through the season which is what we (the fans) want to see. Everyone is happy and no-one thinks the points system needs to be fixed/rigged/changed. A lot of this is a consequence of the cost-cutting measures they implemented to 'save F1'. Engine limits, gearbox limits, ECU restrictions, banning exotic materials, single tyre supplier, etc. all means everything is ultra-reliable and not running on the ragged edge of its design so the mechanical/electrical/hydraulic failures of the past are now exceptions rather than norms even for back-of-the-grid teams and especially for the front-runners. The new engine regs will probably spice things up a bit as they bed them in a learn how to operate them on track but in 6-12 months the teams will be on top of them and the status quo will return. And I sick to death of hearing drivers moan they can't drive flat out for the whole race and they have to manage tyres and save fuel, etc. It's all baloney, they could drive flat out if the teams gave them enough fuel and they made more pitstops for tyres that they rag to bits. In the end its quicker for them not to do that so shut up already. Adrian Newey should retire for the good of F1!!! Rant over :)
I don't agree with this double points nonsense, they will be bringing in the randomly operated sprinkler system next.
I know they commercial people behind formula one are worried that people won't turn on if the same person keeps winning and the championship fight is over and that may be true to a certain extent but instead of this double points nonsense bring in something like 2 races at each event like GP2. A short 25 lap sprint race and a longer 60 lap lap main race.
The reason red bull are so successful is thay have all the right parts together, it's like a football team. If you put Alonso or Hamilton in the red bull theye would have done what Vettel has done.
Adrian Newey is part of a very large team, he doesn't design and build the car single handedly.
I think next year will be prettty good with all the changes in place, potential unreliablity, massive torque from the engines making them a lot trickier to drive. Wet races will be a real hoot. People like Jenson with his smooth style could do well if Mclaren can get there act together.
The real travesty for me in formula one is the driver situation. Paul Di Resta won't be in F1 next year because he doesn't have the money behind him. Yet you have Max Chilton who is much like his brother Tom only there because the dad is a multi millioaire.

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Here is the entry list for the 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship, revealing the race number each driver has chosen to use for the remainder of his F1 career

Sebastian Vettel chose number 5, but as reigning world champion has taken up his option to run with number 1

1* Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull
3 Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull
44 Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
6 Nico Rosberg, Mercedes
14 Fernando Alonso, Ferrari
7 Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari
8 Romain Grosjean, Lotus
13 Pastor Maldonado, Lotus
22 Jenson Button, McLaren
20 Kevin Magnussen, McLaren
27 Nico Hulkenberg, Force India
11 Sergio Perez, Force India
99 Adrian Sutil, Sauber
21 Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber
25 Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso
26 Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso
19 Felipe Massa, Williams
77 Valtteri Bottas, Williams
17 Jules Bianchi, Marussia
TBA Max Chilton, Marussia
TBA, Caterham
TBA, Caterham
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Any Thoughts ?
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Wow, That Mclaren looks really good. I thought that the change in front nose height was going to come up with some real horrible stepped nose designs and it still may do on some cars. They look to be trying to create some kind of venturi design and that Lotus as well with what looks like a clothes peg front end. I wonder how much those Mclaren wings cost they look so complicated.
Don't know whether it's an optical illusion or not but they look very long.
Certainly a lot of air management going on trying to steer the air round the car.
The new bigger crash structures for the side pods have made those radiator openings really big I should imaging there is more drag with these cars with all that extra air being passed through the car than around it.
Cant wait to see the rest loads happening in the next few days / weeks.

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Raikonnen and Alonso together is going to be a disaster for Ferrari this season... They will never work together
Well that's ugly,

So far the mclaren looks the nicest
Interesting nose design form Lotus, it doesn't look very aerodynamic, quite the opposite!

I did like the look of the Ferrari in this photo, was thinking a little sexy!


but don’t look so good from this from this angle…

Interesting nose design form Lotus, it doesn't look very aerodynamic, quite the opposite!

I did like the look of the Ferrari in this photo, was thinking a little sexy!

Help me out here Ghost with that descriptive word 'sexy' :think:

Aggressive, yes, but sexy? Hello...

Maybe you need to be out in daytime more... :notme:

Roll on Tuesday to see what Red Bull bring to the party in Jerez…

Oh, and I see Kamu Kobayashi san is back too in a Caterham; I've liked that man ever since he pi**ed off Button at the start of the 2012 Korean GP.

PS: I believe ALL of the side pods for 2014 cars are 'regulation' size and are of RED Bull design...
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Not a button fan?

I reckon he may do well this year, if he doesn't Ron Dennis will certainly get rid
Sexy = A pleasure to look at!

Ugly =


so pleased when they band the X – wings :scared2:

what do you think of the nose on the Lotus 45bvtc, that cannot be a good idea can it??

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But an F1 car doesn't have to be aesthetic Ghost, it only needs to comply with the rules and be effective in channelling the air rearwards using it as efficiently as possible on the way.

The differing designs being applied to achieve that end, and how a driver is able to understand and use those tools in the race, is what makes it oh so interesting.

Hoping for seriously humid conditions in Jerez to see the aerodynamics and all of the other engineering solutions at work.

Blue smoke early on is expected...
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OK Ghost, so here's how it is:

I'd BAN pit-to-driver-to-pit radio: Poh Bah Hamilton doesn't need to get so upset with his engineer for not telling him in a 'respect' manner 'man' that he ain't driving fast enough...

And MY 2-Rule Philosophy on F1:

RULE 1) Bring what you have at 1 o'clock (or thereabouts) on any give Sunday in whatever country we've scheduled and lets see who's the fastest over 200-miles (ok, or 2-hours if it's raining).

RULE 2) There ain't no rule 2.

I don't care what the weather is doing!

I remember, many years ago, it being bone-dry through; Woodcote, Copse, and Maggots at Silverstone, but with 1-inch of snow covering the track at Stowe - what a great race with Ronnie Peterson in the Lotus 72 just getting on with it.

But NOW they say, "it's too wet to rain" where I'd say "get on with it!" :aggressive:

Think Senna at that WET/DRY 1993 European Grand Prix at Donnington: and if you don't know, didn't see, then go watch…

AND Rubens Barrichello was in this 1993 Donnington race too; Barrichello in my view being the man Button owes his 2009 World Championship to (but don't forget the "double diffuser that exploited a loophole in the regulations" for the first SEVEN-races; check it out you Button fans...)

You can tell it's getting close: the regulation charts are spread out over the carpet already... :racer:

Oh, and there's a rumour of something called "dicket" has been going on in Austrailia recently, and "dennis" is/was in Australia too, and then there's "fuzzball" here (?) but that never seems to stop: but I ain't got time to be bothered with all that ball-bouncing stuff... :wtf:

If it don't have an internal-combustion engine and at least one-pair of wheels then leave me out!


Any Thoughts ?
:think: Puzzling! would be my first thought...

That front wing looks a little over-engineered\too busy! but I wouldn't be surprised if it were cleaned up during testing. Also surprised at the video 360 showing off the rear end design! I thought that area was supposed to be shrouded in secrecy until it was necessary to reveal it! maybe that'll also change for testing.

...and what makes the probing nose so popular this season??? I think the Williams car has a similar appendage. it's ****** ugly IMHO.
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Ah okay, thanks! I prefer the Ferrari's more traditional approach. The rest seem to be "out there" waiting for a rear tyre to slide across into any given corner & saw them off.
Ah okay, thanks! I prefer the Ferrari's more traditional approach. The rest seem to be "out there" waiting for a rear tyre to slide across into any given corner & saw them off.

I agree with that! Expect lots of changes over the next few days, if not on the car then back in the workshop. BUT no one is gonna' show their full hand before Melbourne in 45-days 12-hours and 50-minutes time... :tapedshut:
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Well interesting first day, Hamilton binned it, Raikkonen was fastest, The McLaren never turned a wheel and the most ugly car so far made an appearance. I don't know what the designers at Caterham were doing, I hope they don't all end up looking like this.

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Day #2 at Jerez and it don't seem to be going well.

If this is 'green' technology then I don't want it. I'd prefer it to stay out at sea and far away from the beach.

Ok, I know were subsidising those windmills too but I can't see 'em and I'm not looking for 'em to entertain me through 2014, especially on calm days, or too-windy days for that matter…
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