2008 Audi A4 Convertible Concert Head Unit Replacement Options

Dan Rowlands

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Hi Guys,

I'm a complete novice, I love the car and love driving it but when it comes to double din replacement options for my factory Concert head unit I'm a bit lost.

I'm from Newcastle in the UK and currently live + work in Muscat, Oman. I recently brought the car down from Dubai.

It's VIN number is WAUAF48H88K003844 and is a 2008 (B7??) A4 cabriolet.

The Concert head unit looks like this and also has a 6 CD changer in the glove box:


So it is perhaps a Concert II+?

I basically want to pull it out, remove connections, buy a nice (yet affordable) touchscreen GPS/DVD/Bluetooth unit that will be plug n' play and work with steering controls and the MFD on the dash too....am I asking too much?

Idiots guide please.

Thanks in advance :)



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you can get a nice GPS/BT/DVD/iPod or iPhone compatible/ Touchscreen unit that does not work with the MFD but does work with the steering controls. there is a tiny amount of wiring needed to get it working, although most of it is just plug and play adapters.
the unit i have in mine is a pioneer unit which has the above and also a reversing camera attached. the fact i no longer have the music displayed in the MFD doesn't bother me one bit.