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2008 April 27th Mosport DDT lapping event (Ontario, Canada)

Touge Apr 2, 2008

  1. Touge

    Touge New Member

    hi All drivers,

    We had a great success in last year track lapping events. Now 2008 season is coming, our first lapping will be on Mosport DDT. :)


    For the 1st track day, it will be a great opportunity for newbies/beginners to bring your rides out (even your car is stock and running all season tires), we will have a longer warmup period on April 27th, and special setup for the newbies group.

    please check out April 27th Mosport DDT signup/details in www.Touge.ca "Dates" section.

    Feel free to email info@Touge.ca for any questions. Or kindly visit www.Touge.ca for all details and lapping schedule.

    For last year photos, please check out Touge.ca "Media" section. ;)


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