2008 A3 2.0TFSI problem


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Good evening all,

Stumbled across this website when looking for help so I thought I'd sign up and say hello and see if this group can help me.

2008 AUDI A3 2.0 TFSI S-TRONIC sline Special Edition, 76,000 miles.

Basically bought the car for a good price with intentions to sell but I think I've fallen in love if I can resolve this issue I'll be keeping her...

The car itself hasnt overheated just pops up with coolant low... It seems once the car has reached temperature that's when it seems to lose coolant via the expansion tank. There does seem to be oil in the coolant and seemed like a lot more the day before than today...

Today I changed the temperature sensor and still no joy... Next job I'm thinking the replace the oil cooler?

Whats the likely hood that its a headgasket issue?

I did buy k-seal today and put that into the tank with heaters off for a good 20 minutes until temperature point hit then a further 10 minutes.

I have noticed that the fans don't seem to kick in unless they only kick in after hard driving maybe? Different to any other vehicle I've had...

Water seems to be coming through back into the expansion tank which tells me the waterpump is fine...

Any ideas or steps?