ABS Warning Light


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May 18, 2012
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Hi all

Just nipped to the shops and the ABS warning light has lit up on my 53 plate 2.0 TDI. Had a quick read of some other threads on here relating to this and I understand it could be due to various things. However, last month I took my car back to a garage that fitted me two CV boots which caused an MOT fail last year as one of them had already completely disintegrated. The guy very reasonably fitted me a new one free of charge but when I drove the car away I noticed it was pulling fairly heavily to the right. I took it back and he said there's no way fitting a CV boot could have caused this but I know for a fact it was driving perfectly straight before it went in. They had a look and said the tracking was 3 degrees out and said they'd sorted it. On driving it away this time it does now drive straight but not with the steering wheel straight, if that makes sense? The steering wheel naturally sits in the position I was having to hold it in to get it to drive straight before. I didn't bother taking it back as my confidence in them being able to fix it was non-existent. So, getting to the point, is it possible anything they've done while mucking about with my CV boot/tracking could have led to this ABS light coming on? It just seems coincidental that it's happened now. Also, the brake pad warning light has been on since I bought the car but I've already had this checked out and the pads are fine, it's just the sensor wiring loom that was apparently damaged when the pads were last changed. Could this affect the ABS warning light?


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