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B7 2007 RS4 Rear wishbone difference to a normal A4/S4

Wazzle Aug 8, 2019

  1. Wazzle

    Wazzle New Member

    Hello all

    My very first post here and I'm afraid its not good news for me at all.

    But basically the big lower wishbone on the driver's side rear has cracked in half. I've had a look at the part number written on it and it says 8E0505312AR.

    Ive been looking on eBay and there are a few matching part's that look identical but the last 2 digits don't match up. Instead of AR they have AE or AF or simply T or S.

    Does anyone know what these last 2 letter's mean, and wether they actually make a difference?

    Thanks in advance.

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