2007 Audi S3 - Erratic Idling


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Hi guys! I think I have 2 separate issues with my 2007 Audi S3, an emissions one and an idling one. Been a great car with no problems at all until a few weeks ago.

I have read the thread about erratic idling and I will change the Breather Control Valve but wanted to come on here first to see if mine was a different issue. The part no Audi gave me for the PCV ended in R which he said was the latest one. Is that true as some people's end with N, K, F etc?

I have these fault codes if anyone recognises them or know how to fix them.

01089 - EVAP Emission Contr.Sys.Incorrect, Purge Flow

01287 - Idle Control System, RPM Higher Than Expected

Cheers, Tom.
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For the idle fix: (01287)

Latest revision is now indeed 06F 129 101 R

Previously the part ended with F, K, L, N. (now R)

For the evap fix: (01089)

My money is on replacing N80 valve and check adjoining pipes for blockages.

You may find the problems are interlinked. They're both Vacuum problems, so curing one may cure the other.

PCV valve is the first go.

Clear faults after changing it, go for a drive, rescan, go from there.
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Agree with mjr901-go for replacing the PCV valve first thing. Nine times out of ten it's that.


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Replaced the PCV and test drove it. No problems so far. Its was an intermittent fault so I'll test it all week and post if it fixed the problem and also if the Emission issue comes back.



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No idling problems at all now since replacing the PCV (which was very easy just 4 bolts and a couple of clip on pipes) and its been over a week, very happy.

Have the car booked in to a garage for the emissions issue tomorrow. Will let you know what the outcome is.

Thanks people