For Sale 2006 S4 convertible b7 4.2v8 manual car and spares


Phantom Black S4 Cabriolet
Currently listed on eBay. Item
8k car
10k car plus everything else
11k including private plate.

Change in circumstances means my S4 cab is up for sale along with all the extras and upgrades I have for it. At this point I am not splitting, until the car is gone the parts stay with it.

2006 Audi S4 Quattro B7 convertible 4.2 40v V8 manual

~86k miles althoughstill used once a week, MOT til May 2020

Very high spec from factory with nearly every additional option(the only ones I’m aware of that are missing are the cornering headlights ,memory seats-which I planned to retrofit and cruise control which I have but amyet to fit).

Phantom Black paint with silver half leather half alcanta interior. Super rare combo of black, manual and lightinterior.

I have owned the car for the past 2 years without issue buthaving recently been made redundant I no longer drive it so it needs to go.

I waited a long time to find the right combination in thiscar and had plans to keep this for the long run and do a lot of work to it(plan was for 400bhp – I can share what I had planned and the parts I’d linedup but not yet bought if the buyer is interested). Currently running somewhere around 360-370 BHPif you believe the sales pitch. Runs very well, I have had no issues with it inmy ownership having done 16k miles in the past two years. I averaged 21mpg onmy daily commute 25mile of mixed A roads and traffic, can give mid thirties onmotorway journeys.

I have done some modifications over the past two years andcollected a large pile of other parts ready to fit.

Apologies for the lengthy description…



Paintwork – Phantom black metallic paint, recently clayedand machine polished (DA only), currently treated with Poorboys black hole sunfollowed by two coats of poorboys Natty blue paste wax and two coats of poorboysnatty black paste wax. Paint work is in fair to good condition but with somecare it could be returned to very good (it is 13 years old). There are severalstone chips to the front end, some have been touched in but there is stillvisible speckling on the bonnet and front bumper (audi touchup paint included).The front arches are free from rust which is rare on B7s, wheel arch linershave been removed routinely and cleaned to prevent water trapping and rustingthrough. There is a matching ding on each side just in front of the wingmirrors(previous owner’s X5 door end height!) these would probably be fixable by agood PDR practitioner. There are also a few minor dings along the doors andsome stone chipping. The passenger side has some lacquer peel just on theunderside of the door rubber strip, not too bad and not very noticeable unlessup close. Slight scuffing to rear bumper, may polish out with a deeper rotarymachine cut or simply respray. Rear S4 exhaust valance has some discolouring tothe silver colour around the exits.

Grill: currently fitted with a custom made RS6 style honeycombgrill (this has a full mesh grill with numberplate holder attached rather thanthe RS4 grill that has the numberplate bar going straight across themesh). It has the satin silver trimsurround from the RS4 grill to match the wingmirror covers, currently has noaudi rings fitted but there is a gloss black set included (test fitted in on of the attached pictures). I also have a genuine as new boxed RS4grill with chrome surround (which is interchangeable with the satin grillsurround so you can select whichever you prefer). Currently fitted with a cupra Rsplitter it has some scuffing on the underside but still looks good.

Front lights have been “joey modded and de-tango’d” removingthe orange lens and painting some of the non-functional chrome trim black. Tr8ups ledDRLs /sidelights fitted along with LED indicators, new HID bulbs from NHN on Audisportnet fitted last year. Headlight lenses were sanded and polished with a meguiarsrestoration kit. Currently front fog grills have been returned to standard brandnew items, these were going to be meshed with RS4 style mesh. I can includesome smaller wire mesh as fitted in some of the pictures to an old set of fog grills that were sold separately.

Rear number plate lights have been change to LED items whichare brighter and far less temperamental than the original fittings.

Currently fitted with private dateless plates in 3D carbon pressed plate(will return to standard number RX56 X*V and plates unless full asking price paid)

Original Audi optional upgrade Ronal 18” DTM alloys includingfull sized spare alloy wheel. Wheels are in need of a full refurb having had aprevious cheap re-spray. Fitted with Avons on front and Accelera Phi on the rear – will check tread but there is still some life in them. 4x 19” audi speedline split rims freshly refurbishedin black chrome and mirror chrome powdercoat with hubcentric spacers and longerbolts inc locking bolts , flush fitting valve caps and new centre capsalso included.

Currently on standard S4 brakes all round. Mtec drilled andvented disks and Porsche Brembo 18z 6 pot calipers available with barely usedpads, b7 mounting bolts, full set of braided HEL brake lines specifically for 18zfront calipers and standard S4 rears, red caliper paint kit and Brembo stickersalso included.

Full miltek stainless steel cat back non-resonated exhaust systemfitted with quad exits. Resonated centre sections also included. Currently theleft rear box has rotated slightly so the pipes are slightly on an angle, thisjust needs the clamp loosening and box readjusting, will try and get around todoing this before it goes but it is cosmetic only.

034 motorsports uprated RS4+ rear anti-roll bar. This is currentlyset on the softest setting but can be adjusted by fitting on the harder settingfor track use (unbolt the drop links and change which hole they are in),improves the handling substantially over the stock item with improved feel andturn in.

Black mohair hood with additional sound deadening (standardon S4 models). Hood works as it should raising and lowering without issue. Hoodemergency key is present. Roof is in good condition, has just be treated to afull Renovo restoration of clean, colour and re-waterproof. It has a Smarttop module whichallows the hood to be raised or lowered on a single press of the switch (ratherthan holding it down all the way through) and remotely off the key. Stormforce all weather fitted outdoor cover included.

Engine bay:

Recently cleaned, new cabin filter fitted, battery bulkheadcover fitted. Previously had an Evo motorsports cold air induction kit fitted butcurrently has standard air filter in standard box but with the secondary airchannel valve removed (this is the valve in the air box not the inlet manifold) allowingless restricted air flow. B8 S4 induction kit included which will fit withsome work or I could provide a custom Ram-air carbon cold air box (I have madeplans for producing these but have yet to make one and sold the prototype). Full set of dress up covers for engine fluids included(R8 coolant, oil and power steering caps, and forge billet washer fluidcover) Full set of new red top coils included.

Recent oil and filter service (some service history in thebook but since owning it I have changed oil every ~6000 miles. Currently usingshell fully synthetic. Latest MOT had a warning for oil leak, this is slight seepagefrom the rocker cover gasket, very common issue on these engines gasket set is~£40 was waiting to replace this when doing some inlet manifold upgrades socurrently I am just wiping it clean periodically. A new fuel filter is alsoincluded (intended to replace when doing rear brake overhaul). Engine is stockaside from a Regal tuning remap, this is applied using a plug in control unitso it can be removed and returned to stock or further maps can be purchasedfrom Regal and uploaded using the controller. The precise gains from the mapare unclear (advertised figures seem to be +20bhp) however there is anoticeable difference in drivability particularly the pick up from low revswith the map. As the map and controller are linked to the ECU this is includedso new owner can remove if desired (if the tune is removed the flashing unit can be reused on a different vehicle). New upgraded poly 034 motorsports snubmount is also included.

Gearbox: 6 speed manual gearbox no issues with changinggears or with clutch or rear diff. Drives very nicely and with quattro it isvery difficult to reach the limit of traction. New FEBI gearbox mount included.BM motorsports short shift kit with linkages and weighted alloy gear knob included and a B8 S4 gearknob and gaitor included.

Suspension: currently on stock S4 suspension all round. Fullset of brand new boxed Bilstein B14 coilovers included also new FEBI front and reartop mounts.

Interior: “Silver” half leather half alcantara seats,recently removed and deep cleaned. Seats are in good condition although thesilver alcantara always looks slightly grubby due to the shadow created by the pile. Thereis some wear to the drivers bolster but nothing too severe and it would easily be touched in with arepair kit. Front seats fully electric with underseat storage boxes. Driver’sseat heating is temperamental. The leather on the arm rest is well creased butintact, the hinge on the armrest lid has broken on one side, easy repair with acheap ebay replacement and swap. Rear wind deflector and storage bag. Fullgenuine audi first aid kit in rear centre section along with ski bag. new genuinefloor matts. Carbon fibre door trims and gear surround. Colour DIS with S4gauges. Multifunction 3 spoke steering wheel, steering wheel airbag trim has some flaking ofthe audi logo chrome (was planning on upgrading to a later flatbottom wheel at some point). RNSE satnav with Bluetooth, cd changer and phone base inarm rest, BOSE amp and speakers. DRL, auto dimming rear view mirror, rainsensitive wipers, electrically folding wingmirrors , audi homelink garage doorremote system in drivers sunvisor, front and rear parking sensors, factorybi-xenons with washers. Aux in cable and stereo removal keys included to allow plugging a phone in. Cruisecontrol stalk included just needs fitting and coding in (for full price I will do this).

I will upload some interior pictures later.

I will also add the service history details.

Buy it now is £11000

As I see it a rough break down:

Car- £8k

Wheels £800

RS4 Grill £400

Bilstein coilovers £800

Brembo 18z brake kit ~£800

Coilpacks £200

New mounts £150

Shiny dress up bits £150

Short shift kit £150

Private plate £500


I am not currently looking to split the above items unless you want the car on its own.

Any questions please contact me.



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Phantom Black S4 Cabriolet
Bump for some late summer sun


Phantom Black S4 Cabriolet
Final bump before I put it away for the winter.