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2006 S-Line Relay click noise from steering wheel / column

jon_s Dec 10, 2012

  1. jon_s

    jon_s New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Problem started on the weekend out of the blue and is annoying the living daylights out of me! Can anyone help or shed some light please..

    Basically when I turn the steering wheel just under half a turn sometimes a quarter of a turn in both directions I get a relay sounding clicking noise coming from the the steering wheel / column. (I say relay clicking because this is exactly what it sounds like, Similar to when you put the window heaters on you hear the click and you sometimes get it randomly with the dual climate)

    Now I noticed it Sunday when it clicked once in each direction and I thought nothing, then left the car when I jumped back in waited for the heater plugs to go off as usual started it and the red power steering light stayed on and the warning alert sounded, lasted 2-3 seconds then went off. This is the only time this has happened, not had it since.

    Clicking happened when the wheel turned about a quarter of a turn in each direction just for the initial turn of the wheel.

    It now sounds every time the wheel turns in both directions at about the 15 / 20 past & to areas, if I go for full lock it will click 2-3 times passing this area which is now worrying me as well as annoying me!

    It only happens when the ignition is on which leads be to think it is something to do with the electro power steering unit?
    Tried it with the ignition off and no power steering and no noise.

    Anyone ever had this before if so what was the cure and costs etc?
    Don't really want the car going into the stealers for them to tell me they are not sure or charge me a small fortune.

    I have only found one thread despite searching for over an hour which resulted in a new steering column at between £1250 & £1700!! Don't fancy that ha!

    I'm guessing it is the slip ring as it sounds like an electrical clicking, Anyone had one of those done at the stealers? what sort of £ set back for the job?

    Not got vagcom or anything as of yet so checking for codes I can't do, but I have no warning lights coming on or anything.

    Thanks in advance,


    Based in Bridgend, S.Wales
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2012
  2. veedubsimon

    veedubsimon New Member

    This happened to my 2009 1.9tdie. It didn't click every time I turned the wheel, but I did notice it more when parking on rough surfaces. I had trouble replicating the issue when the Audi mechanic was in the car with me in their smooth car park!! But it was indeed the steering column that needed replaced. It was covered under warranty though so I can't comment on price.

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