2006 Front Grille

Which grille?

  • Black

    Votes: 10 76.9%
  • Chrome

    Votes: 3 23.1%

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So I am really wanting to either respray my front bumper or facelift if or some of it..

It's covered in stone chips, only sprating is going to fix.

One mod I really want to do though is my grille, can I please have your opinions?

PS, if anyone wants any quick photoshop mods like this one, pm me

Thank you :)


Chief Stark

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Both ways looks fine, in Black looks more agresive but with Chrome looks "Classy". :happy:


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Depends what theme you are trying to achieve.


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Black all the way.

I have an 06 plate also and put on the FK tuning black grill. Looks so much better.


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Gotta be black mate, maybe chrome if you had chrome fogs etc.


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I have a FK black grille for sale. Brand new but does have a few scratches on it, perfect if you want to spray or vinyl wrap.


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Black with silver rings for me. Either plastidip your current grille or get a black edition or FK style one


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Voted black here.

Does the chrome surround clip/screw off, or is it part of the grill assembly?


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Black for me.


she's no d-turbo


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The surround clips off

Fantastic, thanks.

Will have a go at removing mine and painting it later in the week, looks like mine is slightly different though has the chrome is in 2 pieces (top and bottom).

I did my 06 sline chrome in black wrap last week:

PM me if you have questions ... only cost me £20 so a good option if you don't wanna buy an optics grill.

You could freshen it up a bit with an sline bumper. I like it more than the newer S3 and sline bumpers.

Looks fantastic :thumbsup:


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Black grill is nice light to medium colour car but I think chrome goes well with black car


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Wow thanks for the replies! Only just got back online.

I think I am going to go for black... looks looks non-standard!

I will have a look at removing it in a min, I will PM Dannykn9 now for his black one.

What is the difference between the FK & normal?