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Sold 2006 Audi A3 8P 2.0 TDi 140 Manual S-Line 3dr Brilliant Black

T33_BKD Apr 13, 2019

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  1. T33_BKD

    T33_BKD Cruiser

    After almost 6 years of ownership, the time has come to let go of my pride and joy. Will be listing it elsewhere but would ideally like someone on here to take over.

    It has been meticulously maintained throughout my ownership, with no expenses spared on tasteful modifications and upgrades.

    The engine was never modified or remapped and was kept OEM+.

    144k with full service history
    10 Months MOT


    · Serviced every year regardless of miles driven at a reputable specialists

    o 24,436 Beechwood Audi 20.12.07

    o 38,797 Beechwood Audi 30.01.09

    o 59,160 Halesowen Audi 19.11.08

    o 84,347 Halesowen Audi 08.04.11

    o 101,597 Independent 10.04.12

    o 115,267 Independent 02.11.13

    o 120,329 Independent 01.11.14

    o 125,006 Independent 18.12.15

    o 126,307 Independent 18.06.16

    o 129,736 4 Rings 10.02.17 (Turbo replaced +all pipes +Oil)

    o 137,858 Independent 31.03.18

    · Rear wheel bearing + ABS sensors replaced (common problem)

    · Rear Calipers, pads and disk replaced (common seize problem)

    · Pierburg manifold flap Replaced (common problem)

    · Intake manifold flap replaced (common problem)

    · Varta Silver Dynamic Ultra battery fitted 2016

    · Full Interior and exterior detail in 2015 (Stage 3 Paint correction)


    Upgraded only using Genuine / OE spec parts


    · Cupra-R Splitter

    · S3 Black Edition Spec Front grill

    · Custom Fog Light honey-comb mesh

    · 2013 S3 Black Edition 18” Rotor Alloy Wheels

    · 2012 S3 Black Edition MY11 Cherry Red Rear Lights

    · Genuine A5 LED Number Plate Lights (correctly fitted + coded with kufatec Adapters)

    · S3 Bi-Xenon Headlights + LED sidelights

    · 2012 S-Line rear bumper + Diffuser

    · Suntek 35% rear and 40% front smoke tints

    · Brushed Aluminium S3 spec Mirror complete mirror case (not the cheap stick on covers)

    · Various coding (Remote lock beeps, Cruise lights, CH/LH lights, teardrop wipe)

    · 2013 8v Rear Wiper arm + Debadge


    · Continental Premium Contact 6 tyres all round with good tread ~4-5mm

    · 320mm Brake upgrade with new disks and pads all round (from the Mk5 Golf GTI)

    · Uprated Braided Brake Lines

    · Backbox delete with twin exhaust tip


    · 2012 S3 Brushed Aluminum pedals including dead-pedal

    · 2012 Perforated S-Line flat bottom multifunctional Steering wheel

    · 2012 Cruise Control + indicator/wiper stalks

    · 2012 S3 RNSE Sat Nav MMI (HD version with x2 SSD slots) + AUX

    · 2012 S line Air vents

    · 2013 8V S-Line Gearknob

    · Front Armrest

    · Full interior ice white LED light upgrade

    Bad bits

    · Alloy wheels could do with a refurb

    · Passenger side CV boot is split, and will need to be replaced before the next MOT

    · Passenger mirror cover has a crack at the bottom

    · Front grill is cracked, not immediately noticeable

    · Registered Cat-S in 2017. It was unfortunately due to light panel damage that has since been rectified (pictured below)

    This is a well-equipped example with many more miles left in it, must be seen to be appreciated.

    This has the revision C cylinder head block which means it does not suffer from the common headgasket crack as the older ones, and being the 140bhp version, it does not have the DPF issues the 170bhp ones did.

    It was unfortunately made Cat-S when I was swiped by a HGV (hence the price). The damage wasn’t bad and has been fully repaired, pictured below. It was written off due to the value of the repair, which gets inflated by insurance (e.g. one alloy wheel was valued at £750 from audi)

    Very cheap to run and maintain – I have been getting ~450 miles to a tank with mixed driving (always filled with V-Power)

    Any mechanical inspection welcome.

    £2400 or nearest offer

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  3. T33_BKD

    T33_BKD Cruiser

    now sold :crying:
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