2006 A4 1.9TDI HELP

Marlen A4 1.9TDI

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115Bhp standard with 35Bhp remap added, smoked very badly after first remap but had since been taken off and redone by another tuning guy.
Car sluggish pulling off and shudders or seems to hold back slightly when going up the revs, mainly higher gears and revs......?????
Any Ideas?

Car has full service history and most recently had oil and filter, fuel filter and air filter changed, could it be EGR valve needing cleaned after initial mapping with smoke or something more problematic?????

Any Help appreciated, great site loads of useful hints and tips for vag group!!!!:greyrs4:
Which company remaped UR car ?
With this new "Euro 5" cars , where Egr is controled electronically by ecu, is VERY hard to find correct Values ( MAP ).
I had my 2.0 tdi chipped with "Chipped UK" , and I couldn't drive on 4,5,6 gear - car was holding back. Went to someone , and I put Giac - was much better , but still something. The main problem is EGR - when I finally closed it , car was driving superb with no hold back at all.
But don't mess with egr if U don't know how

Even if U plug in vag com ,U will not find any faults , because there is none - air pressure is changing all the time , temperature as well, and many other things plus gasolines from Egr , and is really hard to put it together on one map.

Clear Example - UR car was smoking U said _ WRONG Engine Map !! with WRONG values , Wrong air and fuel mixture


Marlen A4 1.9TDI

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It was a Scottish firm that initially remapped it, had to adjust 3 times and in the end i asked to reset to factory setting because car was never right. Then my friend owns a garage and got a firm in Ballymena N.Ireland to remap it and it has been great but for the very slight shudder/pull back in high gears and revs, also when pulling away it doesn't seem to have the power there slight lag........ There is no smoke either.
What do you mean "finally closed it"?


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maybe it could be coinsidence perhaps the pressure sensor aka N75 valve has gone faulty seems a common thing maybe broke down cus of being run wrongly or somthing i could b way of but maybe just a thought
Get your car to stock program and check for same symptoms. If they're gone remap is no good...