2006 2.0tdi DSG vibration issues


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Hi all,

I seem to have had issues with the DMF on all 5 of my previous A3's, no onto my 6th one, ive had it a while now and for about 2 months ive had vibration when i accelerate, its very noticeable and very annoying, i decided to buy a new DMF and had it fitted on Saturday.

The shaking got better with the new DMF, however..the car is still loud as loud as before , ive replaced the exhaust sleeve as the old one wasnt holding properly anymore.

The other fault i have is the drive belt tensioner, i spayed DW40 on the belt and noise quietened down so i know this needs changing.

My issue is, what the hell could be causing this vibration when under load? i just also started the car up and it cut out after about 15 seconds, which it has never done before, started it back up and its been fine, still drives fine so now im worried.

Also, after the flywheel change, when i start the car i get a strange mechanical clunk from what sounds like the starter? i have to hold the key on start a little longer than before

has anyone ever experienced and of the above or have any idea what it could be?



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Reckon it's back to the garage that fitted your new flywheel. Lots of 'could be's' - like engine/gearbox mounting loose, bolts missing, starter loose, flywheel ring gear not engaging correctly with starter dog.

--and a new avatar for you as well 'Unlucky DMF Guy' . Sorry about that bit.