2006 2.0 TFSI quattro - AXX engine to tune or NOT to tune?


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1)Recently bought the car and I still dont know if it has a timing chain or a timing belt (if it is a belt then i should replace it - got 108.000 km , if it is chain i can drive a few years more)

2)Leaving maintenance aside, i bought the car to be fun and reliable enough to get me at 2-3000 km trips trough europe. I am very noob in tuning ... from your experience you guys recommend me going for ??
-stage 1
-stage 2 directly
-no tuning at all because i need more reliability

3)sidenote question: 2.0tfsi petrol i thought it would warm up faster ... should i be sory for not opting for the 2.0tdi that has 170hp?? (my style of driving is i like to overtake a lot and otherwise if no car in front i go slow)



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It's a timing belt so should be changed every 60k miles plus the water pump should also ideally be changed at the same time.

Remap to about 230bhp will make a massive difference and will be well suited to the engine without spending loads of money on hardware.

170bhp diesel will take twice as long to warm up than a petrol if not longer.


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Petrol is best these days, you done the right thing. Think your version has the belt and a chain just to confuse you a bit more.
Having a remap to stage 1 is pretty simple affair as long as the engine and clutch are healthy and not on their way out. The best remaps will be custom versions where they remap on a rolling road so small adjustments can be made to tailor the map to your car. The tuning guy can also limit the torque to prevent clutch slip and wrecking your clutch as the following week you will be booting the car around with your new found horses.
With any kind of uprating power on an engine there will be more wear long term on your brakes, tyres, engine, gearbox, just depends how much money you can throw at the car.
Big benefit on remaps is mpg is not affected too much and sometimes better/ engine can be smoother and quieter.


Timing belt should be replaced every 60k miles or every 4 years regardless of mileage due to degradation of the rubber over time.
For good reliability go for a stage one map that is aimed at mid range torque, I have a superchips bluefin that gives an extra 40bhp and it made a huge improvement, there are a lot of maps out there, APR, REVO and Unicorn are the favoured maps on the 2.0tfsi engine and you will be able to eek out 250/260 bhp relatively easily, but reliability may become an issue with your clutch.
The 2.0tfsi is a strong engine and easily tuned, you have the quattro system so your have a lot more weight and really do need the extra punch.


The one thing you will definitely need to check with the early AXX engine is the cam follower, see if your engine has been in for the cam shaft upgrade as these were and are well known for cam follower wear and could cost you a 3k repair bill if the cam follower was to wear through.




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So what happened until now , i changed :
-replaced cam folower
-upgraded the Oil Pick UP Tube to the B version with part number: 06F115251B
-upgraded Diverter Valve (DV) to Revision "D" - part nr: 06h 145 710 d
Now i am ready for a custom dyno remap

Local remap shop said they recommend Stage2 and this is what their shop can do besides the custom dyno remap:
-replacing catalyst converter with a sport catalyst converter
- cancel Lambda 2 probe (so that no errors will show on dashboard)
- remove intermediate silencer (dont know much about this... maybe they replace it with a pipe?!)
- enlarge downpipe (dont know what it means)
He said i will have "NO problems with original clutch on stage2 if i dont give it full torque below 3rd gear" ?!?!?!?!?!?
PLS help... could what he said be true ? should i risk going to stage 2 and risk ruining the clutch or just settle with stage1 ?

maybe my remap shop is not so advanced as in your countries ... should i go with what they offer?
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In the past i believed the motor is connected directly with the clutch ... which is connected to the transmission
If this is true then the clutch is beaten up by the direct torque of the engine ... no matter what gear.
So that guy talks nonsense... anyhow I am noob ... but that is what i was thinking