2004 A3 Brake Bleeding Procedure?


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have a family members A3 in for new rear brake disc,s and pads along with a new rear caliper.
also flushed out the old brake fluid while i was at it.
im struggling to get a firm pedal now so im guessing there is still a bit of air trapped somewhere. i bled it with a pressure bleeder only .did,nt use the pedal at all.
i bled in the following sequence twice .
left rear
right rear
left front
right front.

i then cycled the abs pump with vcds with all bleed screws closed and reservoir full and cap on. not sure if i did this correctly though ,i did,nt do the full output check sequence ,eg: hold brake pedal down etc..

ive read that the master cylinder has to be bled but i cant see one on this cars m/c? does it have one hidden out of sight somewhere?

does anyone know the correct way to bleed the brakes? is the wheel sequence correct and what is the correct way to purge the abs pump?

any help is appreciated as the car has to returned tomorrow!