2003 RS6 CV Joint -- is the replacement part right?

Juan Ulloa

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Hi everyone. I am new to the forum, and am in the process of changing out the right front cv axle. I got everything apart and received the new one -- OEM spec by FEQ. Much tighter and nice heavy quality. The problem is that it appears to be 1/2" - 3/4" longer. Not sure if this is because it is nice and stiff or if there is a problem with the part -- i.e. wrong part.
The old one came right out after taking the out the ball joint bolts and tilting the brake assembly forward. Had to compress the spring to get the new one in, but it fit nicely. Bolted everything up, but have not put the tire on yet, and am now wondering if I should have returned the part and asked for another one (maybe it is defective or mislabeled). It is supposedly the same part for the A6, S6, RS6, and Allroad of similar years.
Just wanted to get some thoughts on whether I am okay, or have a serious problem. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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