2003 Audi a4 1.8t quattro, no crank no start


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Oct 21, 2015
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I have a no crank no start issue. So far I have replaced the battery, 4 relays that got wet in the ecu box, and an ignition switch. I can get the car to start by jumping the starter solenoid and car will run for a few seconds then shut off. I have 12v to the starter but when I test the wire for the starter solenoid with key in the crank position I don't have any power. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Help
Sounds to me like you may have an immobillisor problem.
If you see a green key symbol lit up in the instrument cluster your key has lost communication with cluster, & the engine will only run for a few seconds then the immobillisor will shut the engine down.
I thought the same thing but no immobilizer lights are on.
I've been trying to track one down but the closest shop I can find in my area is a 80 trip on way. I live out in the country so that's a last resort kind of deal. I plugged my scanner into it but it didn't throw any codes.
I don't think a generic code reader is going to be of much help.
Still sounds like the cluster isn't recognising the key though. I believe the immob cuts power to some systems when it doesn't recognise the key.
Not what I wanted to hear lol. I appreciate the input and help tho. As far as that map goes I live in the United states and don't see anyone.
I got some codes off the car. One is 18010 and the other is a 18057. Any ideas ?