2003 A3 8P Puddle/warning light issue


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I am trying to do a puddle/warning light retrofit on my 03 8P A3. This is one of the first delivered A3's in the 8P.
I have the wiring loom with a halogen bulb for the Red warning light and an LED for the white puddle light.
I tried it over weekend but I only end up in 012 Circuit fault warning.

The wires are yellow in PIN 1 and PIN 2 is connected to the existing - in the existing brown line. I do not even get the light check I would expect.
I removed the error in VCDS and it just comes back without even trying to turn it on.

Has anyone seen this before ? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the door controller ending in A ? Could it be due to the LED on the puddle light?



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Here is the VCDS Output as welll

Address 42: Door Elect, Driver Labels: 8P0-959-801-MIN1.lbl
Control Module Part Number: 8P0 959 801 A
Component and/or Version: Tuersteuerger. H10 0010
Software Coding: 0000112
Work Shop Code: WSC 06435 000 00000
VCID: 39729A8E708E84D026B
1 Fault Found

00120 - Outside Warning Light/Door exit Light Driver Side
012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit


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Ok, so I have solved this in the meantime. The issue is that the actual pin numbering on the 32 PIN connector was the wrong way around. This means that PIN 1 was actually not in the position mentioned on the connector.
Swapped the cable around and all is great now.
Just FYI for anyone who will have the issue again.

An just in case it does not start afterwards remember to reset the door controller by pulling the main power cable, connecting the 32 pin connector, waiting 30s and the connecting the power back.


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